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Best woofing spots for Water sports in Portugal...


Expired user

I am planning going to (most likely) the south west coast to do some woofing but am very keen to do some water sports during my time off. Any top tips on places to go#?



Hello Jazzfizz,

I would say any spot near the coast in Portugal is a good spot for Water Sport.
But please don't forget that as a wwoofer, you are supposed to be in a farm, helping and getting involved on the activities of the farm.
Some people misunderstand the concept of WWOOFing. A few months ago it was a totality wrong idea of WWOOFing in a TV channel called ProSieben in German where they classify WWOOF as a cheap holiday. WWOOF ISN'T CHEAP HOLIDAY !
If you are looking to get involved in a farm and make some water sport on your free time (sometimes isn't much) than you are in the right place. If you are looking for cheap holidays I would recommend Couchsurf or other similar system!

Best wishes,