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Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.

Dismal reliability




I have had 4 cancellations this past week, the last I received today for 2 WWOOFers due to arrive tomorrow.

For two months I have been turning hopeful WWOOFers away because the house was fully booked, and now it turns out to be almost empty - at peak season!

All those WWOOFers I turned away thinking my farm would be full, will have made other plans.

This is the worst year since I started as a WWOOF host: 5 cancellations at very short notice, 1 cancellation with 10 days notice, 2 no-show, and 3 very early leavers, and this is only half way through the season!

Only 4 WWOOFers came and stayed as they booked.

Dismal !

What do all you good folks think about this idea?

When they join, WWOOFers make a fully refundable deposit of, say, 20 Euros, that they forfeit if they cancel at short notice (for whatever reason). Forfeited deposits can go towards funding WWOOF Portugal admin costs, otherwise the deposit is returned when membership expires.




Hi Guy and WWOOFers,

WWOOFers - When you make an agreement with your Host he/she will plan for your arrival and will be waiting for you. Cancellations with less than 10 days in advance or no-shows are unacceptable and you may have your account suspended for this.

Guy, I am sorry for all this cancellations. We are aware that this is a serious issue that is happening more and more every year and we do have a long term plan to try to control this situation. I will send you a private message about this.

Thanks for sharing your idea about the refundable deposit. It could eventually solve this problem but would generate a very high volume of work for our Team and I am afraid we wouldn't have resources to cope with it.

We may eventually approve a system to ban directly the WWOOFers that won't cancel with less than 10 days in advance.

What is your opinion?

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I know this case and had it so often this year! Since April there was woofers telling comming which never arrived. Two asked me to pick them up as I tried and didn´t arrive.
Thank you Ana, said come 20.4 till 8.5 and just did it - the only one this year!!
Same case, I said no because 3 would be too much and in the end there was none. It is difficult to prepare alone a garden for all that 1-week-in-summer-woofers ...

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would it be possible to make a feedback system, similar to ebay, where hosts could rate their wwoofers?

we had our first woofer cancel at the very last moment for no reason and now it is too late to fill the vacancy. we also reserved a space for her and her friend months in advance, and turned away many other people as a result.

hopefully an isolated incident, as the other wwoofers have been outstanding and we love the program. i would like to be able to recommend the really helpful people if i could.

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I try to fill our calender, making sure that we have accomodation for everyone that has applied to help us, it is so frustrating when people let you down.

This year we have had more than the normal amount of last minute cancellations.

Also annoying are the volunteers that arrive in the evening, and leave the next day due to their not having read my profile and other correspondence properly... Our accomodation is OFF-GRID, uses solar lighting, does not have running water and the toilets are separette composting.... not what they expected?!

Our volunteers that HAVE stayed and helped us this year have been surprised by these peoples attitude, lack of respect (for both the other wwoofers and hosts) and irresponsability. In the long run our volunteers were understanding to our (the hosts) predicament.

This trend is not just isolated to wwoof. I also host for another organisation and have noticed a similar trend. Let us hope that it is only this year!

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Inconsiderate was the word I was looking for.

Inconsiderate of the WWOOF organisation and the people that offer their time and experience coordinating it.
Inconsiderate of volunteers already at the farm.
Inconsiderate of prospective volunteers looking for hosts.
Inconsiderate of the hosts that offer a lifetime experience.

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some people are just rude, weather they are ignorant or educated, they lack common decency and are INCONSIDERATE.
oh well, the rest are great.



Once a wooffer commits, it could be tracked on this site, and cancellations managed here as well. if it happens only through email communication between host and wwoofer, then accountability is more difficult to encourage. If the site tracks work commitments however, then accountability becomes something wwoofers might take more seriously, ie: consequences for being fickle. Perhaps you have something like this in mind already.. I think it would help. thanks, Ben