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From Heaven to Hell - Reverences




Hello everybody,
I got a question to writing down references. I was wwoofing on a farm that i found on this page, but only contacted them by email. When I went there, first everything looked bright. Than, the next days, me and also other wwoofers got very unhappy there, a few like me breaked up to leave the farm for a better one. The main reason was, that we worked not only longer than usually on other farms, but we never heard some kind of thanks (mostly even kritic voices that we haven still done this or that, giving us all the time the feeling, that they themselves could make it better than us) and were not really instructed, mainly the most time we spend on only weeding and cleaning dishes or stables. Also we felt a lacking of community between us wwoofers and the owners of the farm, some feeling uncomfortable. Is there any possibility when i haven't contacted them first about this portal to give a reverence, because i want to share my experiences?



Hi Cristina, I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. We do have a Formal Complaint Procedure and we use it if a problem happens at a farm. Please send more details on what happened to info@wwoof.pt. Best wishes,