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Hug a tree. :)




Hi Wwoofers! Boa tarde!
Just pruned back my ash tree today here in sunny England. They do grow very fast. They are an ideal species for copicing. I also planted some apple seeds after having kept them 5 days in the fridge. Let's see what will sprout up. Oh abd collect lobelia seeds today. They have been amazing this year. The seeds are microscopic!

I have a question about Pinheiro manso (aka branched/unbrella pine) I would love to plant some of these in the future to make my contribution to the reforestation effort. What I'd like to know is, is it okay to grow fruit trees in between? And if yes, which fruit trees would do best?
Thank you/Obrigado,



What no replies?! :) Sat my Oceanography exam today. Hope I've done enough for a pass. It was a very tiring module.. so much stuff going on in the oceans.

But back to trees. Been reading up on olives, a nice small tree for in between the big ones, I thought. I read that if you are growing olives you have to treat them mean to keep them keen i.e don't over water them and grow them in a soil which doesn't have a lot of nutrients in it.
Historically olives have been grown with grape vines just because the natives found them together. They are not really ideal companions as they have different soil requirements.

Some wrote legumes are good. If I remember right it was the Swedish chap at Quinta do Barbeito. Legumes ARE great as a cover crop. Learn about their nitrogen fixing capabilities back in secondary school but never really implemented it.. . Get your runner beans and chick peas growing in between. :)