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is it possible to join creative projects and collaberate with other wwoofers?


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i am living on Vancouver Island. I make earth art like cob houses. i think it is possible to make an enitire village around an organic lifestyle in clay house farming and loving a simple and eco friendly way. do you think the same way? :D

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In the long term we hope to be able to also provide an online plattform for collaborative projects inbetween WWOOFers. At the moment the focus is to to open up the eyes for WWOOFing. In the meantime arrangements can always be made in this forum and other software used for collaboration. A recommendation for collaborative software is Basecamp.

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I agree with you, it is possible to live that way. I plan on living organically, once my business is wealthy enough to support me. :) If only more people would be open to living an organic lifestyle... :/