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Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.






I'm sorry to say but I am getting more and more disappointed about wwoof Portugal. As I just found out you can only write a reference if it is approved by the host you are writing the reference for. I think that is biasing people because of course there will never be a bad reference! Please correct me if I just didn't see the (very hidden) button for writing a reference.

I had a very bad wwoofing experience in Portugal and was asked by other wwoofers to write about it as a reference- so they know what they're heading to and don't get as disappointed as I got. That makes a lot of sense to me. For me this is not about saying bad things about hosts but helping other wwoofers.

I was wwoofing a lot allready- and had wonderful experiences- but I have to say that I see a tendency of hosts exploiting wwoofers- the more wwoofers there are. And it would be a shame if the system of the homepage would (unwillingly) support that.



Hi Isalsa,

I am sorry to know that your WWOOFing experience wasn't nice.
We take the complaints seriously and we have a Complaint Procedure that guarantee that neither your or the farm personal descriptions are exposed on the web.

Please send me [url=mailto:rodrigo@wwoof.pt]an email[/url] with a detailed description of the problem.

Your collaboration is important to bring better experiences to the next WWOOFers.

Best wishes



hello there,
maybe it would be suggestion to put a review function similar to tripadvisor, where a host or a wwoofer can give points or stars or whatever and leave a short personal notice. And if one party does not agree, can respond as well - of course it would be necessary, that a independent source (and definitively not a host or wwoofer) reads first the review to make sure that the subject stays objective/unemotional. This would have to be shown in the profile of a wwoofer/host.



Hi Christian,

We encourage the WWOOFers to send us their complaints and we do have and use a complaint procedure. During the last two years three Hosts were banned from WWOOF based on the WWOOFers complaints.

In case we have a space for a public discussion when a WWOOFer have a complaint, this usually lead to a never end series of personal attack on both sides.

Most of the times the complaints are due to personal reasons. For example ... the food isn't enough (because the Host have a vegetarian diet), or the farm (and even the farmer!) was dirty (because the WWOOFer comes from a clean apartment on the city, etc...
On this cases we contact the Hosts and advice him/her to better inform the new WWOOFers ... and usually the problem is solved .. no more complaints about the farm!

The hosts open their house and their family to receive the volunteers and we don't feel comfortable that a WWOOFer may expose him/her on the web. On the other hand, the WWOOFers comes to give their time and help in the farms and it isn't fair that a Host expose him/her too ;-)

Best wishes,




Well both volunteer and host can use nicknames :D Also if person say in village A acts funny people going to talk anyway. I think feedback is important as it rewards top hosts with better chances to recruit volunteers and might prompt other hosts to re think their practices :D

I say before you volunteer consider host reasons, is it simply desire for dirt cheap labor or perhaps they are building cool community there, etc. Logic :)



Hey there,

I've been wwoofing for a couple of times in Sweden and Portugal. So far I've been a big fan of wwoofing. But I had a quite unpleasant experience on one farm in Portugal and I wish I could write about my stay there in the references of the farm. I dont want this farm to be banned but I think it would be a great improvement if not only the positive references would be published. A more realistic picture of this particular farm would have saved quite a lot of my money and much more important, some very bad days lying vomiting and freezing in a filthy caravan full of fungis (not the good ones) while the hosts having a good time in their heated house (no entrance allowed for wwoofers). It makes me angry to read all these one-sided references painting a picture of a super-duper funny love and peace place while me and my wwoofing buddies felt exploited.

Fortunately the farm where I stayed after this experience reminded me of the original spirit of wwoofing :)

Best wishes Barbara



I also love WWOOFing and recently worked on a few places in Portugal. I also had this experience where I stayed on a farm in Portugal that was not very agreeable in terms of overall duty-division. This farm had notified me that I was able to arrive on the requested dates but soon after found that they needed extra help earlier. I adjusted my schedule in hopes to better fit their needs and was later notified that they had found someone else. By the time I got there it was the weekend and because wwoofers don't typically do a lot (or any) work on weekends, they reminded me that my help wasn't needed for anything specifically and that I could stay for a couple of days for the company. I insisted on helping with random tasks, whether it be cooking, wood cutting, feeding animals, and they refused every time. However, their crude remarks and poor attitude drove me away quicker than planned. They also told me about a few other wwoofers who happened to have "left early" due to random reasons.

I would like to have put an anonymous reference on their site, in hopes that people would be forewarned. I have no sour thoughts towards them, as I understand it could have been greatly due to miscommunication. But I have had the pleasure of experiencing the best kinds of Wwoofing farms out there!

Keep the happy going!




We do have a complaint procedure, but most of the times nobody complaints!
Please send detailed information relating your bad experiences to rodrigo@wwoof.pt .
This is the only way to guarantee a better WWOOF.