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springtime in Algarve, we need a lot of wwoofers


Hello, i'm rosa from Quinta da Fornalha (host)

We are new here and so have a lot of space for voluntiers on this springtime.

We want to gather a 8 wwoofers team to help us do some animal parks, painting buildings, gardens, etc.

If you want to experience the southeast culture of portugal (a mix of andaluzian, marrocos and portugal) you will be very welcome.





I am a musician, singer/songwriter and I´d like to explore the organic world in volunteering the WWOOF in Portugal. I am very interested in your organisation and I would like to learn more about it. Nature means a lot to me and it´s essential to know where your roots come from.
My plan is to go to Portugal in the mid of April for about 2 weeks with another friend of mine. She already had the confirmation from you. Hope I can help you and to hear from you soon.
All the best