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Vegetarian cook wwoofer needed from 6 to 8 february


We need 3 woofers from 6 to 8 february to cook for a Food Forest course we're hosting. Volunteers will be responsible for the kitchen during this weekend (prepare breakfast, prepare and serve lunch, prepare a soup and some spreads for dinner, serve tea in the afternoon), but each student wash their own dishes. Meals will be vegetarian. If wwoofers decide to stay for a little longer we'll be happy to have them for the rest of the time (we usually ask for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, but because during that special weekend they will have to work extra-hard we're reducing the work period to 5 hours a day during the next two weeks). If you think you can suit this, keep in touch! Hugs, Joana

Got them! Thank you so much, everybody!