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Wonderful place - and they need wwoofers!!!


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I have been on many farms and the most beautiful one is retiro no rio in the near of porto. i know, a lot wwoofers are just searching in the algerve (like i did). but so you really missing nice farms up here. and the weather is as beautiful as in the south.
this farm is quiet, no party but wonderful nature, directly on a river. its not a real farm, they rent apartments. you can use the pool, kajaks, kanoes, bikes, go hiking. and you only have to work for four hours a day - whenever you want. and you eat with the guests from the apartments - so its high-standard.
i think this is like the "luxury-version" of woofing.
and the dutch couple (they speak english) is very friendly and loveable.
so come over and help them in the garden, painting or picking olives.
I have to leave on monday...



Katharina is right, most Hosts in South are overbooked and usually it is much easier to find a place on Central and North Portugal.



Hi, I am Rosana, from Spain. Can you you tell me the name of th farm. I was looking in the web and I could´nt finf it. Thats what you said about your experience sounds good. I ´d like to know it. Now I´m wwoofering in the Algarve, but I´d like to know all Portugal. I´ll be very grateful to you.
Thank you and continue enjoing




hi rosana, i know the place as it is near our quinta! They are Retiro no rio.