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Hi there!

We are an international group of health food enthusiasts, located in the Azores, on the island Terceira.

Queen Bee Azores owns 4 ha of beautiful and fertile fields on which we are planning to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. The fields are organically certified.

The produce is cutted, dehydrated and packed in our own small-scale factory in order to share the healthy, dehydrated snacks with the rest of the world.

At the moment our first crops are ready for harvest and others are growing happy and strong to be harvested in Spring/Summer 2019. A first greenhouse is being built, thanks to the great help of strong and enthusiastic Wwoofers and soon we are starting her big borther. Also, we are preparing the rest of the fields to welcome more and more plants this autumn.
And as you can imagine, this requires some strong, healthy, happy hands to work at!
So, this is where you come in our story 🙂

To give you an idea of what type of work we are doing, some examples of how a day at Queen Bee Farm can look like:
- Harvesting Yacon (Autumn)
- Harvesting Physalis (Spring/Summer)
- Planting new plants - reproduction
- Weeding and Pruning
- Help in designing and preparing our vegetable garden for retreat guests (Summer 2019)
- Cutting and packaging in the drying facilities
- Taking out vulcanic stones from the soil
- Planting tress (wind barriers)
- Light construction work or assistance - like construction of new greenhouses, painting, reparations etc.

What we ask:

- 2 Enthusiastic and motivated men (and/or woman), that are not made of sugar and can resist the Azorean weather (we have literally 4 seasons in 1 day)

- A minimum commitment of 2 months

- We are looking for people that have an affinity with healthy food. Experience is not required, although a good portion of responsibility, independence, tidiness, and cleanliness is valued

What you get:

- A private bedroom in a spacious and entirely furnished house with ocean view on 5 min. Drive (15 min walk) to the fields (to share with 2 or 3 other volunteers that work on the same project) - couples and pets are welcome.

- The house and fields are located in Angra do Heroísmo, the main town of the island. The house is about 4.5 km from the center of Angra. You can walk to the center or use public transport (runs 3 times a day).

- A wonderful experience to live on a Vulcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic where you can enjoy your free time by hiking, watching whales, swim with dolphins, natural swimming pools, breathtaking nature, sea kayaking and jeep tours.

- Terceira is known for its cultural richness, one of its cities is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Terceira has many traditional festivities throughout the year. The inhabitants of the island are warm and welcoming people. *️️️️️ Visit the website of the Azores for more information: http://www.visitazores.com/en/the-azores/the-9-islands/the-archipelago/g...

When you are interested and are available for at least 2 months, please send us an email!

Hope to see you soon.
Warm greetings,

Team Queen Bee Azores

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2 to 5 months, 2 a 5 meses
We produce renewable energy (wind, sun, etc)