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Host AG011

  • Staying at Monte da Cunca was a very special experience. When I came, I was only going to stay for two weeks, but I ended up coming back every time I left. Such a magnetic place.

    Living with so many different people - learning from them, and working with them - gave me so much joy. Living on a farm with all the animals, living in peace with nature, eating the lovely food from homegrown ecological vegetables, feeling as a part of a community, but also a part of a big family, it all made my stay in Portugal feel really valuable. Dania and Klaus are good people, and their daughter Joana is lovely.

    The work on the farm was hard, but I had so much fun doing it, and I learned a lot.

    The farms surroundings is just beautiful. The hillside, the village, the ocean - true beauty.

  • LOVED it here!!! This was my favorite farm of my 3 month trip to Portugal. chill people, the beach is really close, great community feeling. i totally recommend it and want to go back.

  • Experiences always depends upon your on goals and of what you are looking for, having that said, Monte da Cunca is a great place to be in close contact with nature, to have a healthy live style and to get to know different people.
    Quiet little portuguese village near the sea, with several activities to try out, while being in a natural reserve area which natural beauty makes it worthy of a visit.

  • If you are looking for a place far away, a place in peace, where life is good, I recommend Da Cunca. I went to spend Christmas and New Year 2013 2 weeks, and I've learned a lot.

    Da Cunca, first of all, it is a farm in the middle of nature, living spaces and caravans are in the middle of a bamboo forest, as the "bamboo shower" ... In fact, the bamboo forest completely surrounds the farm, and in the middle is LIFE. You might think the other side of the world so this place is exotic, beautiful, unusual. Green garden also reminds us that we are in the countryside, and that everything we eat is organic, and extremely good! In addition, animals are here to bring more life to Cunca DA: Sigan, Vichy, Dixi, Pixi, Fofina .... Behind the bamboo forest, you can see Carrapateira with its pretty white houses and beautiful yellow dunes that hides the ocean.

    Da Cunca is also working on the farm, I learned in particular, planting pine trees. This experience was amazing because every morning we left, pickaxe in hand, in the surrounding hills. We were in a beautiful place, surrounded by nature, with a view of the ocean. The only sounds were the wind, nature, waves, pickaxe and discussions and laughter of others ...

    Da Cunca is also community life. Klaus, Dania and Joana are here to bring life and warm moments. These people are very nice, full of life, listening, simple, and essential human ... things that society has completely forgotten today. And there also WWOOFers who are also filled life energy, which the joy of living, simplicity, attention towards you, and you relearn life, the values ??of life ... Thanks them: Netty, Daniella, Henrik, Goetz, Tracy, John, Laura, and Tiago Andre!

    Da Cunca In conclusion, it is relearning to live, the value of things, the value of work, the value of human relationships, the joy of eating together and say "Bon appetit" before starting , eating food and dishes terribly good "olalala" live simply without unnecessary to take the time ...

    Da Cunca, I was only 2 weeks, but I feel I have stayed there 2 months and at the end I was sad to leave. In fact, it was much too short!

    Da Cunca, thank you for everything


    Olalala !!!!