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Host AG032

  • Veronika is interesting lady, who has so much to say, to learn from, openminded person and very good cook too :-) You can have always nice chat with her during the lunch or dinner.
    Me and my friend, we spent two weeks on Veronika´s farm. We felt in love with landmark and nature in there. We really enjoyed swimming in the pond, frog songs in the evening and night sky is amazing too. We have learnt a lot there, however what influenced us the most was the way of life on the farm. Veronika´s farm is (almost) completely independent from outer world. It´s completely energy self-sufficient with its own spring, electric energy from solar panels and vegetables and fruit grown there.
    We mainly cut blackberries and watered garden during our working hours, we enjoyed it and together with free time in the afternoon it was great therapy for us :-)
    If you want to experience Portugal country in its wilderness, peacefull time without civilization, good and quality food and great company, it´s Veronika´s farm the best choice for you ;-)

  • During the summer, i spent two weeks staying at Quinta de Atalaia. The place is very beautiful, I really loved staying here. The work I had to do was very hard, but really peaceful at the same time. Veronika is a really lovely women, who helps you with everything and makes sure you are doing fine. She is up for doing activities with you, but also gives you a lot of free time. Aljezur is a interesting nice city, which is great for exploring. I would really recommend this place, because I have a lot of great memories from the time I was there

  • I had a great time at this farm. It's beautiful, quiet and secluded, and Veronika is a lovely host. The area is fantastic to explore during downtime.

  • Being our first wwoofing experience we couldn't have asked for a more friendly and welcoming host. Veronika went above and beyond to make our stay memorable by feeding us her delicious veges, telling us about how to grow them, and giving us plenty of local knowledge about Aljezur.
    The working day was more than acceptable for two city slickers and who could forget jumping in that lake after a mornings laboring. With the use of a couple of push bikes, trekking into town gave us the flexibility to explore on our own.
    We highly recommend Quinta de Atalaia for anyone looking for a fantastic life experience.

  • Great place and experience, full of beautiful nature and flowers.
    And dog so lovely.
    The host, Veronika is kind and intelligent and I enjoyed her company during my stay.
    If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful and spiritually rich place to work and be among nature then I highly recommend wwoofing here. However, I understand it is not for everyone. The town Aljezur is roughly 10km away, so if you are a person who requires a lot of external and social stimulation this may not be the place for you.

    There is no light pollution at night and the open sky is truly incredible!
    Stars so bright and copious, a place to really contemplate wonders of the universe.

  • Being in Quinta de Atalaia was amazing. You can really learn about simple and important things, and feel very in balance with nature. It was very special to meet Veronika!

  • Being on Quinta de Atalaia was like being at a organic therapeutic heath resort. Swimming in the pond, walking through the flowers and gardens, hiking through the eucalyptus forests, playing with the ridiculous dog, starry nights, sunny days, great conversation, and delicious food.

    The work requirement was about 25 hours a week, and Veronika communicated with me to help me find projects that I liked to do. Rather than just saying, "stand there, hold this, do that, move this, go get that," we talked about projects, and she gave me the freedom to use some creativity, which really helped me feel invested in making Quinta de Atalaia the best it could be.

    The farm is quite isolated, and I think are only a couple wwoofers at a time. It isn't a place for a social butterfly who needs constant human interaction. I was the only wwoofer there, and for me it was perfect to chat for a couple hours at dinner.

    Quinta de Atalaia is a place of peace and beauty. I treasure the memories there.

  • Had a great time at Veronika's place. Quiet and beautiful place, if there ever was one. The place is a bit remote, so I had to walk quite a bit, which means I went home in great shape! The food was very good and supper time conversation always fun. There was only one other woofer (Hi Janneke!) and she was great. I was also able to spend two weekends in Lagos. What an amazing town! The nearby town, Aljezur, was rather quiet at that time of the year (February) but it is nevertheless a lovely town. Veronika was able to give me work that suited my preferences (a bit hard but mindless). The goal was to get away from my computers (the one at work and the one at home...). It worked! I didn't touch a computer for a month. What a nice break...Would love to go back to Portugal...sooner rather than later. François

  • Thanks Veronika for a great time and a wonderful experience in Quinta da Atalaia.
    The place is beautiful and quiet and life is simple there. Don't expect luxury but enjoy the simplicity of a compost toilet and an outside shower.
    It gives you the time and space to really find back yourself and slow down... It's nice to walk around, with the bike you can go to the beach and Veronika is helpfull and you can learn from her. Working in an area like that doesn't really feel like working and if you open your eyes and ears there is a lot to discover there!

  • We are two girls from Macau and we've spent a week's time in Quinta de Atalaia. The host
    Veronika is very nice. We've picked weeds and watering plants. And she borrowed us 2 books to read. I loved the books. I personally liked the food she cooked and we worked independently. Her dog is very friendly as well. We were touched when she suddently brong us to the beach and we spent a nice day. It is a very good opportunity to get out from the routine and stay in the nature.

  • We spent two weeks at Quinta de Atalaia and had a great time there.

    Veronika is a very friendly and helpful host.

    She tries to give wwoofers tasks that suit them individually. We had dinner at her house almost every night and had lots of interesting talks.

    Atalaia means great view and that is an understatement. Veronika's house is the only house in a valley full of eucalypt trees and from the next hilltop you can see the Atlantic.

    The valley is very quiet and peaceful with a creek running through it.

    If you want to have a peaceful time sorrounded by beautiful nature you should check out Quinta de Atalaia. It's worth it.

  • Es is a ganz a ruhigs Platzerl in de Hügln von Serrominheiro. Perfekt wenn ma moi von da Stadt fliehn und die Natur genießn wü. I hob 4 Wochn mit da Veronika verbrocht und hobs sehr genossn, die Oarbeit, des Essn, die wunderschene Landschaft und as gmiadliche beisammensitzen am Abend. Midn Radl is ma gonz flott am Atlantik oda in da Stadt. Für de de wos Surfn geh woin gibts in Aljezur a Surfschui de an a für a klans Entgelt ohne Surfkurs mit zum Strand nehman.
    Fün Donk füa de schene Zeit und vieleicht bis boid.

  • It was my first experience of wwoof and I have spent three beautiful weeks there, the work wasn't hard and Veronika is open to every compromise about it..I advice this place for everyone wants to relax because the farm is really hidden in a quiet valley..Thanks Veronika!!

  • a small woman,with a small dog,in a small lost could meet them just over the eucaliptos ridge, where you will find the hair of the trees saluting and welcoming this valley, the time is blocked, and the air resonate of that you will can hear the lovely call for the wild cat, the melodious one for the affectionate Ursy...If you will be lucky, you could see the light blu kingfisher,or the quickly wild will be relaxed when the veronika face will be open in a welcoming smile, and you will enjoy in her fantasious and healty cooking.she can teach a lot ,and also she know the way to learn from everyone something more.she know the way of the world, and she can show you the road for reach every place, with useful advices to go will enjoy for the balance between work and free time, because here you will have the respect for your time, and the respect for who host you, working for her project.and may be, may be, that you too will miss that star sky that everynight come to light your sleep,and you too would see again , and live again that world of the little woman,with the little dog in that little lost have built a beautiful reality.thenk you for permissing me of being part for a while.greeting to Karin.and happy birthday to would be in this days.hugs and luck

  • I spent 2 weeks on this small, nice farm and had a good time. Life was simple and relaxed.
    Nature everywhere, Veronika's dinners and conversations, it made it all a pleasant experience.

  • We had two wonderful weeks at Veronika's beautiful place.
    Somewhere in nowhere Veronika lives with her dog on a huge property with a little lake - a good way to keep cool.
    We had to do garden work. Most of the time we were cutting branches, felling small trees and watering plants.
    Veronika is a great cook and served us with delicious vegetarian food.

    So what can you do there while not working?
    We were wandering through the wood. There are some places where you have an awesome view.
    The nearest town is Aljezur, easy to reach by hitchhiking or by bike. There you can go shopping,
    visiting the internet cafe or eating good fish in one of the restaurants.
    There are a few stunning beaches - we were visiting three of them, all reached thanks to many friendly people who gave us a lift.

    It was a great time in Portugal and we were lucky to get to know Veronika. She's a nice and frank host knowing how the WWOOF-Project works.