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Host AG044

  • I had an amazing three weeks in O Monte. I learned a lot about organic gardening and Portuguese cooking from Keeley. She also showed me many beautiful beaches. Rui made the best fish I've ever had, and showed me how to make his special dishes. I really enjoyed Arminda's (Rui's mother) company and sharing her Portuguese traditions. She made beautiful handmade things and gave me hand-embroidered towels to take back with me. They were very accommodating and gave me a very comfortable yurta with a beautiful view to stay in, just as I wanted. I hope to come back one day to help on the farm and drink madrona again!

  • I spent 6 weeks (4 alone, and 2 with my girlfriend) in Quinta o Monte with Keeley and Rui and I can really say that has been one of the most beautiful experience in my life. The place is fantastic, is quiet, is green, is sunny... it is just wonderful. It was my first experience woofing and this was what I was looking for. We had very good accommodation in a Mongolian yurt with a great view in the forest. If you are used to live in a big city, as I was, it is wonderful to spend a period there and waking up with a beautiful forest landscape, working in a peaceful place and spend your time with Rui and Keeley that are wonderful people to work and stay with. We really enjoyed this time with them and all their friends we met during the sunday lunches or other celebrations. We enjoyed the great and natural food, most of it prepared with the fresh products of the farm and last but not least, Keeley is an excellent cook. During this period we had the opportunity to learn many things about "medronhos" and mushrooms, how to recognise them, how to pick them and how to prepare them. We tried a wonderful risotto with ceps (Boletus Edulis), and the excellent Amanita Caesarea, among other delicious things, like the fantastic “queijo de figo” and the “bolo de laranja” made by Arminda, Rui’s mother, that was used to visit us during the week ends.

    Thank you very much Keeley and Rui and Arminda for this great period

    Obrigadinho e ate breve
    Girolamo and Anais

  • I spent several lovely weeks with Keeley and Rui, so lovely that I had to return a few weeks later for more good times .. They have a great and varied setup, with tons of projects and new things to learn about. From the awesome seed collection, to picking peanuts, to learning about asparagus crowns, to building a bug hotel, to making tasty creations for the Saturday market, there was never a shortage of something interesting to do. I especially loved the amazing meals using freshly picked ingredients - I ate the best meals of my life here! I was able to try some typical Portuguese dishes and also learn how to make some desserts with Rui's mother Arminda.

    This was my first wwoofing experience and I couldn't have been more fortunate! Keeley and Rui were so warm and welcoming and spending time there was such a refreshing break from city life.

    Any wwoofer would be very lucky to score some time with this great couple (and their two cats) in this beautiful corner of the Algarve.

  • Me and my partner spent 3 weeks wwoofing at O Monte, Aljezur. We had an extremely wonderful time!! Keeley and Rui are the utmost hospitable hosts!! We enjoyed the work, the knowledge, the learning, the location, the inspiration and delicious meals!! It was the perfect balance of satisfyingly good hard work and relaxation. I also got to practice my portuguese and learn a few new dishes.
    We would definately go back, but beware we may never leave!!! :)
    muito obrigado O Monte!!

  • I have wwoofed on Rui and Keeley´s farm for 2 weeks and had a wonderful time. First of all the farm is located in a beautiful and peaceful area in the Algarve, near the town Aljezur where I was lucky to meet locals on the market where Keeley sells her organic products.
    Also I got the chance to meet other farmers and take a glimpse in the Portuguese life as Keeley and Rui cooked wonderful Portuguese dishes.
    About the work, I mostly worked with Keeley since Rui works somewhere else. Keeley was eager to tell me a lot about farming, so everybody who is interested in learning more about plants, should definetely go to this place. The work was varied so enough things to do and no boredom.
    The accommodation was perfect, I slept in a beautiful private room. If you are lucky, right now you can sleep in the tipi-hut with beautiful view!
    Short summary: Rui and Keeley are warm, friendly and open people. You really learn about organic farming on this farm. I was lucky to wwoof on your farm and hopefully some other time I will see you again! Best wishes.

  • I spend 4 weeks in O Monte. I really enjoyed this time with Keeley and Rui. They are very friendly and lively. My personal experience is that I received great support from them while been there. Keeley is a very good cook and enjoys preparing delicious meals. I had the opportunity to learn many things about gardenning, seeding, planting, cooking,etc. She´s very good passing on the things she has learn. It was a good time to meet new people and to help them improve the nice property they have. I had very good accomodations.

  • I worked at this happy little farm in October. In fact this was exactly what I was looking for. I had a wonderful experience there. I could do all kinds of work. Harvesting, take care of the chickens, planting, digging, building a stone wall, farmers market, making sundried tomatos, picking madrone fruits, getting rid of caterpillas, etc... Keeley and Rui are great hosts. I really enjoyed the good food, wine and happy talks. Rui worked during the week, so most of the day I worked and hung out with Keeley. She is a wonderful, cheerful person with so many interesting stories. Besides farming there are a lot of other things to do there. The beautiful beaches are close, the area is great for mountain-biking and you can easily hitch hike to everything else you want to discover. The accommodations are perfect. They have separate rooms for the wwoofers and even a Mongolian yurt by now. I learned a lot during my stay, had a lot of fun, found new friends and I am more than happy to return at some point soon!