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  • This was my first experience as a wwoofer and it will not be my last :D I have had a lot of good and amazing memories. The best part was that Tiffany really did her best to make sure this place felt like a home with social activites eg. Roadtrips.
    Not one day was borring because of lack of work always something to do but never to much.
    The two owners Debroh and Tiffany are both - truly awesome and amazing persons and I will be missing them so much!
    At my stay here, 9 weeks, I learnt so much from both of them. It was about everything: horses, nature, food cousin, and much much more!
    They are open and talkative. This is such a warm hearted place - every morning we got asked: how are you? and if you was a bit down they took the time to talk to you.
    They are more then happy to answer all the questions you might have and they are whilling to listen to you and hear if you have suggestions or any thing else to the garden or ecohouse.
    I felt it like a home: the lovely atmosphere, beautiful nature, friendly horses and amazing nature have undoubtley made this place a second home.

    Thomas a former wwoofer at Vale Grifo

  • My time spent wwoofing at vale grifo is a time I'll never forget. Miss Tiffany and Miss Deborah are outgoing, intelligent, funny, hardworking, and extremely kind people. Basically they're all around badasses, and the world would be a much better place with more people like them. Aside from the hosts being amazing, I found the work to be rewarding and interesting. I never had experience with horses before working there, and I found a whole new respect and appreciation for these gentle giants. I love all animals, and in addition to all the farm animals there is plenty of wildlife in the surrounding countryside; from geckos, frogs, and cool insects to wild boars. Also the flora is great (flowers, wild herbs, and fruit & nut trees at every turn). At Tiffany's I felt like I was living the lifestyle that humans had lived for thousands of years until now. It was therapeutic for my soul. Living the simple farm life is a great experience. It teaches you to appreciate the smaller things, including your fellow wwoofers. Many a night were spent around the fire, looking at the stars, playing/listening to music, and telling stories about our homes. During these times friendships were made. I highly reccomend Vale grifo, and Tiffany and Deborah are great people who could use the help of hard workers.

  • Beeing at Vale Grifo was a great experience for me. The work, the team, the other volunteers and all those cute animals made my stay a really Special experience. Feeding and gardening are combined with daily new tasks or projects, which always offer the possibility to learn new things! A really important part of the whole experience for me was living off grid. Before I came I had a lot of respect for it, but I learned to enjoy it more day by day. For example cooking at the fire place, showering under the blue sky and the fact that living offgrid made us volunteers grow closer together and become a really great team. You should also take your time to check out the farm`s surrounding. The cliffs between Luz and Lagos were my highlight – don`t miss that!! If you are willing to work hard, want to laugh and learn a lot, then I am sure this will also be a special experience for you .

    I already said it a thousand times, but again: Thanks for everything!

  • Hey Tiffany,

    I just wanted to sincerely thank you for a wonderful six weeks spent at vale grifo. You were so incredibly generous the entire time and I could not have asked for a better host. Volunteering at your farm was a very eye-opening experience that really taught me what it meant to "work", even if I wasn't always such a prime example. I really valued all your insight on the area, whether you talking about the exploding eucalyptus trees or the proper way to kill a pig, you truly made me feel welcomed. That conversation we had in almadena really made me think about my passions and what i want to do with my life, and I'm very grateful for that. This was an experience like no other, and I will remember the eco-house and all the many other wild times for the rest of my life. Thank you again for being so patient and understanding with me. I will miss you, Deborah, Martin, and all the animals sooo much! It was truly such a pleasure- I will never forgot how to make "tiffanys famous sandwich". Lots of love.

    Truly yours,


  • Vale Grifo is an amazing place! Youve got all the cute animals, a beautiful landscape (perfect for long walks - or rides), the ocean nearby and the life so close to the nature. You have to use your hands to make everything work (f.ex. the water) and that feels just great. The hosts, Tiffany and her family, try to make you learn a lot during your stay but they also make you have a lot of fun if you want.
    So - Reduse, reuse, recycle! ;)

  • Vale Grifo,

    Thankyou so much for the time on your farm. From the minute I got in the truck at the bus station you were welcoming, fun, and outgoing. The location is perfect surrounded by beautiful country and very close to the beach. You provide your workers with a great atmosphere that has solid structure but also room to work with if necessary. There was always plenty of ingredients around to cook up a meal and the fact that you also gave us cooking lessons was a memorable experience to say the least. You also allowed myself and the other WWOOFERs to ride your horses and frequently gave lessons as well. I could go on about what a great time I had but feel free to message me for details if anyone is interested in Vale Grifo. I can't wait to go back again!Thanks!

  • Hello, thank you for letting me stay at the farm. I had a unforgetable experience and made friends with lots of lovely people. I hope to see you all again in the future. love from Matt

  • hi tiffany, sorry for answering that late. anyway i'm missing the farm! and i hope you get some rain soon - in austria we got a bit of snow in the last couple of days and i've to get ready for the winter season!when i was leaving i didn't say thanks for letting me see golega - it made my stay in portugal an even better experience. by the way ask toni on occasion another time to consider working with a volunteer! all the best and hope to see you again next year niels

  • What a great place to be inhabited by such warm hearted people!

    I really enjoyed my time at Vale Grifo, I "only" stayed 1month and at the end I didn´t feel like leaving.
    People and animals are kind, beer is cheap and the work is hard and makes you feel good. I would definitely recommend Vale Grifo to anybody. it was great to work and live there and leaving it, I felt more connected to nature, more appreciative to my environment and generally a more responsible inhabitant of our planet.

    Thank you for everything!

  • Such a great summer the one that I spent in Vale Grifo!
    Tiffany and Martin are great hosts. They really know how to get the people envolved in the farm life and they are very fair with the volunteers. If you want to know how is living in a farm and have a wonderful time, no doubt, go to Vale Grifo. You won't regret it.
    I spent 2 months there and I wouldn't mind to had spent 2 more. I got to know really nice people from around the world and shared so many great experiences that all what is left it's fantastic memories that make me realize what is really important in life and the way I want to live mine.

    I'm so grateful to have met all of you and shared a bit of my life with all of you. Thank you very much Tiffany, Martin, Deborah, Veronica, Rose, Charles, Daniel, Hannah x2, Janka, Jitia, Pavlina, Leo, Robin, Ellie, Jenny, Edita, Alvarinho, Walter, Elena (damn I miss your burguers!...and your smile ;)), Astrid, Kiki, Marie, Zé, Lucy, Carlos, Alberto, Paprika, Spiderman, Cassy, Chewa, Miguel, Una, Lantra, Cancan, Sally, Tasha, Willomina (specially for you), Nancy (not that much for you... my toe still hurts), Casota, Eco-House, Scrumpy, Epee, Errand, Tosha, Farquar, Sadio, Label, Megan, Scarlett, Fleasant, Puloma, Iris, Alisha, Zucchini, Sonhar, Tequila, Beasty, PEANUUUUUTS!!!, Tequila, Xecan, Turquoise, the rest of the front horses, the fish, the pond, the fish shit, the dust, the hay bales, the sun, the bbq, sunday flea markets, mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays, sundays, the permaculture garden, the electric fence (sort of...), the trucks, the bread with garlic and olive oil, Almádena and the Algarve. THERE ARE NOT THANKS FOR YOU DAMN PRICKLES!!!

  • I stayed for two months- from march till may- at vale grifo.
    It is a marvellous place to be!
    I lived surrounded by beautiful nature and the nice and friendly people made my stay even more unforgettable.

    Tiffany , Deborah and Martin are very nice and funny people!
    They gave me great help to get familiar with all task.
    Because I didn't had much experiance in working with horses, they teached me how to „deal“ with them (feeding, tacking, grooming them...) and within a short time I felt very save with all different worktasks and daily routine.
    They were patiant if I needed longer time to familiarize with a task and were allways around to answer my questions.
    Even in my first week they offered me to go out for a ride, very nice and trustful.
    To not get bored the worktasks differ from day to day and sometimes you have to be spontanious.
    If you want to know what kind of work awaits you at the farm , just read their profile carefully, they explained everything quite good. And every task was fun.

    I loved the work with the animals, especially with the horses. But also the work in the garden was so much fun and became „my project“.
    I've met many nice people and lived with them together at the eco house, that was so much fun. We cooked food together, explored the area by bus or bike, spent our afternoons off in the city or at the beach, discourse or read pleasant books together.
    Such a nice living -even possible without fluent water or power so don't complain about not having electricity! just enjoy the nature!

    Tiffany and Deborah will make sure that you feel comfortable.
    I learned a lot- not even about rural living but also about the culture and history of portugal.
    They took me around for daytrips, nice picknicks, we went to flea markets and Almadena for drinking and sang Karaoke. Especially in the week I was the only volunteer they took great care of me.
    I thank them so much for the nice activities and company!
    They made me feel like an integrate part of the farm,but even more than that- like family.
    I felt very welcome and wish them all the best until we see each other again!

    It has been such a nice and important time for me!

  • We stayed at Vale Grifo for six weeks in November-December 2014 and had a really great time. The work was variable and every day was different, there was always something to do. Mainly our jobs were feeding the horses and the animals in the Morning and after that for example some gardening, clearing the fences etc.
    The hosts are really friendly and we felt all the time that we were welcome and our work and help was appreciated whatever it was. The acommodation was good and we always had enough good food to cook our own meals at the Eco-house. The best feeling was in the afternoons when we had finished our work and we could enjoy the sun, have tea and read at the eco-house patio :) The farm is also located very well, you can easily take a bus to Lagos, Luz or Sagres or walk to little Almadena village. Also the stunning beach and coast views are close, we enjoyed them by jogging many many times.

    All in all we had a wonderful time at Vale Grifo and would really like even to go back someday. Already missing back to those good memories :)
    So, thank you very much Tiffany, Deborah and Martin!

    Elsi and Katariina from Finland

  • First of all we have to say that we are so thankful that we could stay at the vale grifo farm.
    Normally we had to stay at another farm, but it turned out very badly so we left.
    We longer had no place to stay anymore so that's the reason we called tiffany.
    She said that we could come to the farm, althouh there were already enough volunteers.
    We had the best welcome that we can imagine!
    So we staid at the farm for 3 weeks in august 2014. In the "good" times we were up to 8 volunteers.We had such a great time all together, when we had a big dinner in the farmhouse, working, riding, going out for a night or just hanging on the beach.
    We had the best time there!
    So if you want to have beautiful surroundings, the nicest hosts and a perfect working climate you should defenetly go to Vale Grifo!

    Thanks again tiffany, deborah and Martin and of course a big thank to the 28 horses, 11 dogs, 2 goats, 4 pigs and the chicken and turkeys.

  • I stayed in Vale Grifo for nearly two months last summer and it was definitely the best summer I´ve ever had:-) I enjoyed the work with animals, the company of the people at farm, the sun and the sea, everything was so amazing...apart from the time which was running too fast:-)
    The work is diverse every day from feeding through cleaning the fences and fields, gardening or riding horses. In the afternoon you can go to some of the beaches which are very close to Vale Grifo, you can have a beer in Almadena which is 1 km from the farm or you can enjoy the atmosphere of Lagos or Luz. I also met many interesting people from all over the world (Italy, USA, New Zealand, Germany) and we had fun together.
    Tiffany, Deborah and Martin are beautiful and funny people who will make your stay even more pleasant. If I have the possibility I will definitely come to this charming place again:-)

  • First of all I want to thank Tiffany,Deborah and Martin for treating me like a part of the family and making my stay at Vale Grifo such an unforgettable time!! I stayed at Vale Grifo for 2 months, in May and April 2014. Since I like horses a lot, most of my work included taking care of the horses but also taking care of the permaculture garden. Working with the horses included feeding, giving water, giving hay, helping out when guests are coming to ride, getting the grass or hay in from the fields for the feeding.. When off work Martin and Tiffany took me around sometimes, exploring the area, showing me all the beautiful places around. And of course they took me to Almadena, the village next door, where despite of its tiny size, theres always something going on :). The Farm is set in a beautiful valley and is home of more or less 26 horses, 2 goats, several chickens, 3 turkeys and 9 dogs (who must be the sweetest dogs in the whole wide world!). So in the end, I was sad when I was leaving, making sure to be back soon. I can just say that if you want to do farm and garden work, i cant imagine a better place than here. I am grateful for the hospitality, the good hours in Almadena, Tiffanys cooking skills and the meals we had together, meeting the sweetest dogs and horses and being a part of Vale Grifo.

  • I stayed 4 weeks at Vale Grifo from mid-august til mid-september 2013 and enjoyed it very much, both the time I was with other volunters and the week I was the only wwoofer there.
    You are never bored at Vale Grifo, the work is good and varied and in your spare time you can go to many nice places - Sagres, Lagos and the two close-by beaches Luz and Burgau. I will defenitely recommend anyone looking for a good wwoofing experience in Algarve to go to Tiffany's Riding Center.

  • I spent three months at Vale Grifo with all the warm hearted people that both live and work there. It was three months full of variety and I did everything from animal caring and horse riding, to clean a field from rocks (obs, that was my, without doubt, most boring and exhausting task during my entire three months there. And I only did it once, thank god, haha) and I enjoyed every second of it.

    Besides from the five hours work everyday, there was a great possibility to do a lot of things outside the farm area. A couple of times a week we went in to the small village called Almadéna for beer and good company. I can promise you that with the right people, Almadéna is a nice place for a night out, even thou it's a small village! On my days out, I often went to nearby villages, like Lagos and Sagres or to one of the beaches that's only like fifthteen minutes away on a bike! A few times I also went on longer journeys, for example to Lissbon and Faro, and I didn't have any problems at all with the transport since the bus route is just by the farm!

    So Vale Grifo is a great place to work at and it's location is also super, but what's most extraordinary about the place is the company! Tiffany, Martin and Deborah are three of the funniest, most hospital and caring people I've ever met. They, and all the voloteurs I met during my time there, made my stay to one of the best experiences I've ever had and most likely ever will have!

  • I had the best time at Vale Grifo this summer - loved it so much i went back for a second time! Tiffany and her family are the most welcoming people so i instantly felt at home, and felt part of the family during my stay.
    Mostly, we were helping out with the horses, but there were lots of other jobs to do too - painting, gardening, general farm maintenance....lots of variety so i was never bored. We were incredibly well fed - we had fresh fish or meat most nights, and a big kitchen to cook in, as well as a BBQ outside. The accommodation at Vale Grifo is fantastic - I slept better than ever. The farm is also really well situated - close to lots of beaches and places to visit - we were always busy doing stuff when work finished at 1pm. Tiff provides a couple of bikes so its easy to shoot off for a swim, and there are regular buses into near by Lagos, where the nightlife is fantastic.
    I cannot recommend vale grifo enough - i miss tiff and everyone lots, it was such a pleasure to meet them all. They are the most open and loving bunch I've met in a long time and i had SO MUCH FUN with them. I laughed a lot and would love to go back! best wwoofing experience yet :) (and i feel it would be hard to find anywhere better). Good memories! Lots of love, Halcyon x

  • The 'Vale Grifo family' have been faultlessly generous and hospitable throughout the time i spent here. Their set up is offbeat and hugely refreshing given the people, number of animals, activities and location of the farm. It is, without a doubt well worth a visit.

    Their extensive immediate family, made up mostly of humans and dogs... are the best bit. They are fun, caring and inclusive. They keep you on your toes and just generally offer a good time.

    The upkeep of the farm is mainly horse related but the additional projects make it hugely accessible, so theres something for everyone to do. The hours of work get you up in the morning, and leave you the afternoons to relax, ride or visit local towns and beaches. Its definitely a good spot to access local transport, with a bus stop at the end of the drive.

    I spent a good few months here and can safely say that you'll enjoy it and you'll be looked after.

    Thanks for having me Tiff + Deborah + Martin... and the list goes on.

  • Vale Grifo has been a wonderful experience for me for the past 3 months. I came here mid summer and was welcomed by an amazing group of volunteers from all over the world with many different backgrounds. Now, in the quiet season I've been able to really enjoy the peaceful surrounding areas. One of the best parts of this host is its location. Walking distance to numerous beaches and villages and with access to use the farm's bike I've been able to thoroughly explore this stunning region. In addition, there are also local buses easily available which allow you to stretch out further around southern Portugal in your free time. While the region here is beautiful, so is the farm itself. Our hosts here are one of a kind, extremely welcoming and hospitable they truly appreciate their volunteers and quickly make you feel at home. They offer everything you could possibly need, keeping the fridge and cupboards stocked regularly and always looking for fun and interesting projects for wwoofers to contribute to. They are a wonderful family and very knowledgeable with their animals and the local land. There is plenty of work to be done here to stay busy so, sad as it is to be leaving I am hopeful there will be many volunteers in the future to enhance this farm. There is nothing more I could ask for from this host, they have been great and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself. If you are an animal lover, there are plenty of cool and cruzy characters to meet here. It's also obviously a great place to improve your horse riding skills if that is your passion. If you are interested in local produce, they have loads growing native. The permaculture garden is established and has plenty of delicious veggies. the land and property they own is spread out so there is also plenty of free space for yourself. the facilities are comfortable and the hours of work are very reasonable. I've enjoyed my time here and will miss it very much.