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Host AG083

This is a bio-dynamic farm started 1/3/16, we focus on being self-sufficient , produce most of what we eat ., grow a rich diversified variety of plants see website for more details.
Here i will try to give you an idea of what you could find here ,in order to see if it can be of interest for you to volunteer here.
i have experience in farming/gardening, cheese making ,baking,
different fermentations (lactofermentation, baking with natural yeast, miso, combucha, water kefir, Rejuvelac, yougurt and more)
After having attended a residential fermentation workshpo by and with Sandor Katz , i am happy to pass on my experiences.
From " Bean to Bar ! " now and then i transform raw cacao beans to delicious
chocolat bars !.....roasting, grinding, conching , tempering , moulding........
WHAT MORE !!!??? = learn how to make chocolate !
Please observe that this " luxury hobby " ( of making chocolate ) does not go under working schedule !
but if you are intrested and eager to learn, you are very welcome to do so in your free time also note that cacao beans are far to expensive to offer for free , so everybody wanting to consume it has to pay for it ....thanks !
A big part of the life here is about cultivating taking care and transforming the food we
produce, we regularly ferment 4 differnet kind of milk products,
we regularly bake our bread with our own sourdough starter with fresh grinded cereals from our own mill , different vegetables fermentations and experiment are allways actual.
Shangri-la offers also a B&B based on the farm ,so work and tasks around it and care for the guests is part of the life here .
Shangri-la offers a environment free from unhealthy pollution from electromagnetic wireless radiations.
shangri-la is :
1)a place for one woofer at time for 2 weeks ( sometimes longer... ) to experience the place and maybe learn
if it is the two of you who wants to come together it is also possible if you are independent sleeping in your own tent.
2) a place that offers B&B for short, or special agreements for long terms
and a place where you can rent a space to camp or establish your mobile home for a short or long term stay , maybe even grow your own garden.
3 ) a place maybe for a long term stay as a comunity member but this is of course a long project/story which will also involve from your side to invest in
a economical share in order to be here.

We offer the possibility to rent a place for you mobile home,and live selfsufficient or
eventually be a part of the working team .( contact for more details )
i can show you the right technique how, why, when to prune and how to plant and take care of trees,
both fruit trees and forest, how to propagate plants.
PROJECTS GOING ON on a short and long run...
JUst NOW !.. ( 24january2017 ) i am working and experimenting wit rocket stove building , implementing the rocket stove burning principle into a cook stove.
soon to be ready ...
we are planting a big variety of fruit trees, planning choosing and preparing the soil.
Just now the first 30 MACADAMIA !!
I am choosing different varietis of the same sort to have a big and wide " spread " of ripeniing time!
I am searching old varieties which are resistant
and don t need chemicals ( which i would never use anyhow ! )
this searching migth sometime involve very far away travels ( to italy ! see "omezzoli " ) in order to get the desired plants.
we are planning and in October the first start doing eco-intervention to plant and enrich the biodiversity on the whole farm.
We work with biodynamic seed production ,
we are starting a collaboration with an organic seed dealer .
we are in the process of getting the biodynamic
i am rocket stove builder,and we will be doing some here too.
even other skills like forex. how to sharpen different tools .
Fire wood making to " feed " the roaring ROCKET STOVES , is an allways in beetween present task.
So as well gardening , cleaning up fields and everything which has to do with improving
farming and gardening.
on the farm ( composts ! ) i use the biodynamic preparations
and the EM1 ( effective microorganism ).
I am searching where to by the first animals
especially cows ! which have a central roll in
biodynamic farming.
i am especially looking for old unmanipulated
Probably will be the portugis autocton
" cachena" cow ,beautiful !!
I think myself , that you, who are getting intrested of eventually coming here, is more for the intrest of learning, and experience that special that Shangri-la will offer you , rather
than a place for travel holidays.
So did i in my young years learning around in europe by different farmers/gardeners.
But of course everybody is welcome as long you feel intrested in the vision.
interested in qigong ? yoga ? i can show you what i can .
I like to show and pass on what i have learned , but of course you
understand that not everything will happen in two weeks and or .
just when you are here
acoustic musical instruments are most welcome!
If you wonder about something, any questions just get in touch.

This is a working farm.
See website for more details and pictures , we are working physically every day, if you do not like and/or are not fit for physical work, is better you look for something else..
We share all the works on the farm, included house work, kitchen work is not included in the working hours.
the house/kitchen are to be kept spotless clean.
i usually propose a first two weeks to get to know each other , and then we will see further.
If you want to apply , remember to :

1 ) write a description of yourself
a ) something about your life and skills , where you come from and languages.
b) what you are expecting to experience/achieve by coming here.
2 ) Here we only have cable connection , if you want to connect to internet , you will have to take with you something to be able to do that via cable.
3 ) Do read the website , so that you do not get surprised when you come here .
Conditions :
6 hours/day ,5 days /week, 3 hours on saturday.
As we eat every day , so is even the kitchen/household work every day , even in our days off, unless you travel away on your day off of course.
I presume and suppose that you are aware about what it means to be on a farm
out in the country.

schwitzer dutsch si besonders willkommen wil i sehr gern der dialect zuhöre und versuch zum spreche
I welcome one woofer at time.
add a photo with your application.
NON smokers only !, thank you !
NO pets !

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Host information
Cachena cow, chickens
swiss, swedish, german ,french,english,italian,portugues
we mostly use the fresh products from the farm
Preferred length of stay
2 weeks ,to start with
We grow and collect seeds for our own use
We produce renewable energy (wind, sun, etc)