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Host AG111

Guide your way Home"

Going to start the construction of my Home on this Earth.

Its going to be my nest, the place to share with and create a Family.
Will be the Place of "Sat Nam", of my True nature, My true Self, to rest, to play, to cry, to smile with my beloved ones.

Its with tears of joy that I invite anyone who would like to share, wisdom, strenght and will to help me build my way Home.

I wellcome anyone with open arms, share my food and a place to sleep, and offcourse, its an opportunity to learn about natural construccion. Its also an opportunity to hug cork trees, see the sea from above, listen the music of birds...

Sat Nam

The construcion will take place in South of Portugal, in Monchique, near Portimão and 85kms from Faro airport.

Main technic is Super adobe, with clay as plaster. Wood for the greenroof. Also wood for windows and doors.

Its going to begin from scratch. At the moment im collecting stones from the area for foundations. Next step its to open the path for foudations that will be moustly with stones and a litle of ciment.
From that we start superadobe with natural bags.
After its the roof with wood that we will extract from trees that I will cut myself (eucaliptus and few pines). insolate the roof, and put earth on top, with small plants. We will treat the wood with borax and finish with linnen oil.

After this is the infrastructures, plastering and details.

Essência is where I Am!!!
Essência is also a place on Earth, South of Portugal in Algarve. Its in the Mountains of Monchique, that was once called Munt Saquir, that means Sacred Mountain. You can come and feel it for yourself, this vibration and energy...

The works will be from Monday to Fraiday with a 6hour work time, all in deep Consciousness of what we are doing. Meals are vegeterian and sleeping place in a shared Yurt. One yurt for each gender.

For deep conection with our Higher Self we dont do alucinogenic substances, drugs or alcool.
Saturday Sunday its free time, you are by yourself and can travel around, or you can stay and share a pleasant deep conversation.

Woofers dont need to bring nothing but there own clothes, higienic stuff like shampoos...please bring organic products.

The free time, as I said, 2 days a week, you can do some trekking, can go to many beaches just 45 minuts away. Bicycling...enjoy nature, can see some cascates near by. Also canoeing in a river 30 minuts from Essência.

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