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Host AG113

Hello girls and boys :-) Come join us create magic! We are travelers the last 20 years and now right at the beginning of building up a wonderland in South Portugal. The final goal is to start a funky little natural art caffee on our lake surrounded by lots of plants, hammocks, jam sessions and love. Also, some sort of rural tourism. Ideas happen day by day but one thing never changes, that we would like to be as eco friendly and respectful to nature as possible, recycle, upcycle and love our planet. It would only make You happy to be here if u have these views.

at the moment looking for friends that wish to:
-do physical work cleaning the land for fire protection
-do gardening
-interested making a compost system
-into filming/photagraphy and will help with documenting our steps
-do arts, crafts... etc. im open for more ideas :-)

Meanwhile, we are starting to have jam session camp outs every full moon with friends, next one is June28th :-)

Accomodation can be either in Your own campervan/tent or in ours. Or u build something for urself quickly :D Toilet and shower has been made all natural and very basic. The place is huge and everyone can have privacy. We have limited wifi and a lake to jump into on a hot summer day. Also, there is a very big lake near by and lots of hiking around with beautiful views. Climbing our hills You can see the ocean from the far distance. This is Your spot if You enjoy getting lost in the mountains living heatlhy, dont mind very basic, kind of nomad lifestyle and actually care to be part of creating. Meanwhile, we have a big dancing under the stars party close by every friday and i can drive u to beach towns and surf spots on ur days off.

Food is vegetarian based from local farmers around.....until we start growing our own :-) Sometimes will have fish when our fisherman friend provides.. Also flexible to talk and find the best (budget) options for everyone. Cooking will be done by whoever is in the mood.

You will need proper working gloves, clothes that u dont mind getting dirty, torch and sleeping bag or blanket if possible. If You got tools and skills to build stuff from basic materials (palets, etc) thats a bonus....

We will have many more projekts going on in a few months...building a Portuguese style oven, earthship houses from our natural materials from the land, etc. etc. if You are interested to leave ur footseps behind at the very beginning, then lets help each other. I can promise that when u pick up a rock and paint something on it, wherever u leave it, will stay there :-)

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Host information
Dog for now, many more soon
Hungarian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, little German
vegetarian with ocassional local seafood
Preferred length of stay
2 weeks minimum
We produce renewable energy (wind, sun, etc)