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The Freevolution Camp is a little different to what you can find here. The project is geared towards offering food, accomodation and tuition for free. The goal is to promote a gift economy and inspire YOU to join this way of sharing and living. I've travelled a bit for the past 10 years and I'm sick of our economy and how our society pulls us into deep unhappiness without any future. So I've decided to do something and started this gift economy project here in Portugal. I'm doing life-coaching with vegan nutrition, surf-fitness, permaculture, meditation and breathwork. All for free, actively inspiring people to join a gift economy as well.

About me
I'm Dan, 32, from germany, with the job of doing something good for myself, the planet, future generations and you! I don't get paid, but I believe in a gift economy transitioning into a future where money isn't neccessary anymore because there's enough people helping each other so that we do what is good for us and not for economical growth. I used to work in a big watersports center for the past 10 years, travelling a lot and seeing the impact we have on our planet. Plaqued with depression and social anxiety, I don't see a happy future in consumerism, capitalism and greed. So I decided to get up and do something, leading by example into a gift economy. I have lots of experience in fitness, watersports, meditation, breathwork and nutrition which I'd like to share because it can help other people to a happier life as well.

I'm using this website here mostly for promoting this lifestyle and spreading the word. Of course I can need help in some little day-to-day tasks (cooking, gardening, building), but if you've got less than 2 weeks time, why don't you just apply for one of my workshops and have a great time, I'd be happy to see you here! In longer stays you can dive deeper into learning about my ideas and practices and start teaching yourself. I'm also looking for help online with programming as well as spreading the of message via facebook, insta, other social media platforms and locally. Just let me know what you'd prefer to do!

Accomodation is simple and outdoors in tents pitched on a thick layer of straw as a mattress. Please bring bedding yourself if you can or let me know so I can arrange something. I'm living on the campsite myself in a van, sharing the outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower (cold water) and compost toilet with you and the guests. So you need to be ok with fulltime outdoor living even when the weather gets a bit chilly or rainy. I usually cook for and with the guests together since I only want vegan food on-site for health and environmental reasons. You need to bring 100% biodegradable soap for the shower and biodegradable toothpaste - or you can use the stuff provided by me.

The site is quite remote, so if you have your own transport or don't mind riding one of my bikes for a bit it'll surely be to your enjoyment. I also do trips to the shops and the beach to go surfing or diving once or twice a week and of course you're welcome to join in. The very beautiful sea here is 25min by car, less than an hour by bike. The next town (Aljezur) is half the trip. Phone reception is good if you walk a minute up the hill and for internet you can use the unlimited wifi.

Some simple guidelines:
- no alcohol
- no recreational drugs
- no meat or fish

+ open-mindedness!!
+ kindness, respect and understanding
+ be happy to help each other
+ bring lots of smiles and hugs :)

If you're intrigued maybe google the Freevolution Movement in order to find out more about the project.

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as long as you like
We grow and collect seeds for our own use
We produce renewable energy (wind, sun, etc)