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  • I volunteered at Compromisso for almost three weeks and liked every day of it - even the 'killing the matu' days. Dieter and Angelika are lovely people and immediately make you feel like you are a member of their family: honest open conversation about everything, sharing their knowledge and insights, sharing the wholesome home cooked food and sharing their nice house. I loved how Bella the dog always accompanied us where ever we went to work, i loved to take care of the tiniest little lamb and the gentle process of befriending a little cat that just appeared in the stable one day. The work was good and diverse, as much as possible Dieter and Angelika try to not have you do the same thing on end but obviously jobs need to get done as well. They are interested in you and are very thankful of the work you do that being with them gives a very nice feeling of appreciation. It would be nice to be part of their family again in future. I can definitely recommend Monte do Compromisso to all wwoofers who like to work and share and feel welcome.

  • After over 2 years of wwoofing in portugal I can honestly say that Monte do Compromisso is best farm I have visited. The hosts are wonderful people who are very welcoming and really make you feel part of their family. The food is spectacular, one of the few places in wwoof portugal that cater for meat eaters and what a treat it is!!

    I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this fantastic farm to anyone who wants to work. Feel free to contact me for more details, happy wwoofing!!

  • Me and my sister stayed in the farm for almost a month. It was much more than we expected: great people, delicious food, beautiful nature. We had many cozy evening by the fire with guitar, songs and laughter. During our working hours we ‘killed’ lots of weed (matu), cleaned beehives, carried stones, fed newborn lambs, prepared food and etc. We are hoping to return here one day to see our friends, changes in the land and nature. We will always carry nice memories in our hearts.

  • Pure magic experience! Wonderful people in wonderful surroundings, truly caring & so enthusiastic not just about their own magnificent little corner of the earth – Monte do Compromisso – but everything around them. So many learnings & experiences, not a single dull day or night – weather helping clearing the fields of the evil ‘mato’, watching baby lambs being born, getting involved in always fresh Dieter’s projects, helping in the garden, jamming by the bonfire & counting the stars, indulging on so heartfull Angelika’s food, learning the secrets... & always laughing!! Started missing the place the moment we waved our good-byes...

  • Angelica and Dieter are excellent hosts!! They made us feel right at home from the moment we arrived. There place is nestled in their own picturesque valley. Its a very peaceful place with nice hills to explore and loads of wild mushrooms.
    We ate wonderful homecooked meals and sampled some of their fabulous meat. We had great accomodation too!!!They are both great entertainers and if you ask im sure you are in for a tuneful treat.
    We stayed for a little over a week and helped to spread manure and clear the matou off the land .We ate fresh oranges all day everyday !Yum!
    Cant wait to see them again some time,Love and smiles,from your Irish wwoofers xx

  • I went to Monte de Compromisso for my first woofing experience and it has been and still is very nice. Both Dieter and Angelica are very friendly and it feels like home. Good food, great views, a lot of personal freedom, a lot of animals and all the fruit you can eat.

  • I wwoofed at Monte do Compromisso for about two weeks. It was my first time wwoofing and they provided with so many good experiences. The work that I participated in consisted of clearing land for sheep grazing, helping restore/fix their old tractor, harvesting pine cones, scavengering for mushrooms and helping with the animals. The hosts, Dieter and Angelika are extremely friendly and make you feel right at home, they are very open to letting you experience all aspects of the farm, if you are interested in something going on or need help just ask them! Their accomidations are very cozy and allow you to relax after a goods days work. For my first wwoofing experience I could not have asked for more!!