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Host AT054

  • If you want to learn about the "real thing"...this is your place! :)
    This beautiful farm, uses all nature can give, to be sustainable.
    The power is by solar energy, and the water comes from a spring.
    Michael (the host) is a peaceful soul. Always with a smile on his face...and does all he can, to make you feel at home.
    You will be living in caravanes, closed to the main house, which will allow you to have your own privacy.
    The main work at the farm, will be watering the food garden and the new trees he is planting around the farm.
    It is a very spiritual farm as well...and he is constructing a wonderful place (second store to the main house), where you can go and meditate in peace.
    I just hope you love cats, as much as I do! :) because they are all around...they keep you company, during all they, no matter what kind of tasks you are doing.
    Just dont go there to try and find any "luxury", because all you will find is nature's simple ways!
    It was a very interesting and learning experience.
    Thank you Michael for having me...and I hope we will meet again!