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  • I volunteered at Casalinho for the first half of August 2017- I only wish it could have been longer! It was my first experience of wwoofing without friends or family in tow. I felt so lucky to find such an awesome place and meet such fantastic people. Really inspiring.
    Our morning tasks included feeding and cutting grasses for the sheep, pigs, goats and guinea pigs (every day), clearing bracken, brambles and bushes (many days), and picking up pig poo (a special treat!). The jobs were well-explained and not difficult, but there was still room for using your initiative, which I appreciated.
    2 minutes down the road, the bathing pool was perfect for an afternoon wash and refresh. After that, we could chill out in the shade of a chestnut tree, wander down to Unhais for another swim, or up the hill for a beer and tremocos.
    August might be hot but it's still a great time to stay. If you spend the morning battling brambles, picking a pot full of blackberries in the afternoon makes the scratches seem worthwhile. It's also festa season, which is super fun (as long as you're not too much of a lightweight). And the shooting stars!!
    Andrea and Jeroen are amazing hosts - honest, tolerant, generous, and funny, it was a real pleasure to get to know them. The food was also fabulous, I could probably write a whole review just on that. Goat's cheese and jeropiga were particularly special (you can pass on grilled lizard...)
    A big thanks to everyone who made Casalinho such a beautiful experience. There are already many lush reviews here, but if you're in any doubt, I'd say you have to visit! And if you can wake up early enough to walk up the hill, the sunrise is just stunning...
    Nina X

  • This was my first wwoofing experience ... I had no idea what to expect, but in the early days I already felt at home.
    Both Andrea and Jeroen are very knowledgable and also very interesting people.
    I'm not a vegetarian (not even close) but I loved the meals.
    My visit was only 17 days but I intend to return in the future. ... at least for more 1 meal ... and quick chat.

  • What an amazing time I've recently had at Casalinho. Set in the heart of the Portuguese mountains, which offers not only awesome views and surroundings but gives wwoofers and travellers alike, a real insight into Portuguese traditions and farming practices.

    Andrea and family made me, and the other wwoofers feel very welcome and at home whilst there. Andrea is also an awesome chef and provided an abundance of food for all at meal times. Jeroen taught me a lot valuable information about the land and various permaculture methods in the short time I was there, how and why etc. All of which I shall carry forward to use in future.

    Andrea and Jeroen are very interesting, humorous people who have many amazing stories to tell. Both have a great way of explaining thing's and are more than happy to share the extensive knowledge they possess, not just about farming but also about the Portuguese ways and traditions, which for me, was extremely helpful.

    Casalinho is a prime example of what can be achieved with in depth knowledge of permaculture practice and the desire for an alternative lifestyle. The land is continuously evolving there with many ongoing projects and there's always something going on to suit your individual skills. The whole family were very accommodating and have a great work/life balance, the locals are friendly and very happy to help in times of need.

    Thank you Casalinho, for great times, memories and friendship. I look forward to returning in future.

  • One thing you should know before you go to Casalinho is that the accommodation is VERY basic, and if you go during the coldest months chance is you might be freezing during the nights. If you're ok with this, or you are going during spring/summer/fall, then Casalinho is a nice and cool place to be!

    Andrea is very knowledgeable and if you ask she will explain everything about how they work and why. She was always on the property when we were working which I found was a great help, and she would check on us and give us advice. The food was always delicious and filling and both Andrea, her husband and the children are all good people to be around, not to mention the beautiful dogs and cats :)

    Overall a genuine place where the work we were doing felt meaningful and the surroundings are stunning! I would recommend Casalinho to anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone, be close to nature and learn about agriculture.

  • I spent 4 wonderful months at Casalinho. Andrea, Jeroen and their sons are trully welcoming and you instantly feel really good there. They take time to show you the work they except you to do and they explain to the interested peoples the benefit for the farm of doing it ; so I have learned a lot about farming at their farm.
    The living environment is also wonderful : you are in the portuguese mountains so you have nice spots for a walk, some natural pools to cool down in the summer and a great view of the stars at night.

    I would be happy to be a reference for their farm, if you have a question just ask it ;D

  • I cannot recommend Casalinho highly enough - from the moment you arrive you are made to feel very welcome. The work was exciting and suited to your particular skills or interests. Andrea and Juron will go out of their way to accommodate you. I had a truly wonderful time at the farm and cannot wait to return in the future.

  • I spent a truly amazing 5 weeks at Casalinho. From the work, to the social environment and the wonderful hosts, my whole experience was great. I wish the best to the farm and would love to be a reference anytime.

  • Jeroen and Andrea are a very fun and warm couple. They really take the time to explain things, so voluntering at there place is a good oppertunity for learning! The area of the farm, even though it is a little out of reach, is absolutely beautifull. You will find yourself in the middle of the Portugese countryside! I had a really good time there!

  • Had a great experience at Casalinho!
    Learned a lot about Permaculture and this alternative kind of lifestyle in the 4 weeks that I spend there! If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me!

  • no problem for me to be a reference for Casalinho's :-) Ask and I'll answer !

  • Spent a good time in the middle of nowhere:), very interesting to see a developing project, there is work for everybody. The Hosts are solicitous and very kind, everyday you can see their fire, burning in them, for a different independent lifestyle. It is hard to find them, a hidden place, therefore I made a wodden Sign "CASALINHO", hope you will see it!!!

  • I hugely enjoyed my time at Casalinho! As a slightly nervous wwoofer (being the unskilled city dweller that I am) despite doing it several times now I sometimes worry firstly about my ability to help out on the farm and secondly who I will meet on the farm. Experience has proved that I needn't worry about these things, and once again I found wwoofing wonderfully rewarding, at perhaps my favourite farm yet.

    The work is such that as long as you bring with you a desire to do your best and an interest in the brilliant project which Andrea and Jeroen are running then you'll have a ball (even if feeding goats can be a pain in the arse). Seeing self-sustainability in action is a really refreshing experience, and in particular reminded me how lovely it can be to see and have some sense of personal responsibility and of achievement working with and living off the land. After the working day then swimming and reading and chatting with the many wonderful people also at the farm when I was there (about 15!) was great fun. I don't know if I was particularly lucky but the people who resided at the farm at the same time as me all happened to be really, really cool. The landscape is also pretty magical, and there are lots of walks and pools and a general nature overload.

    I couldn't have asked for better hosts, Andrea and Jeroen and the rest of the family are really appreciative and enthusiastic people, but even more important than all that schmaltzy stuff they have a wicked sense of humour. Sitting round the outdoor stove with Andrea as she cooked for 15 but still had enough concentration left to keep me entertained was a particular delight.

    Go help out at Casalinho! You won't regret it

  • I stayed with andrea and jeroen from october to december. I had a great experience and would recommend it unreservedly. staying on the farm is everything I want wwoof to be, but is actuakly hard to find in my experience, friendly and knowledgeable hosts with a serious commitment to living from the land, a chance to meet lots of other wwoofers and a beautiful and remote location. I learnt alot from everyone there, if yyou're going in aytumn/winter don't expect portugal to be warm! I'd go again, maybe one day, thanks to all at casalinho!

  • If you go to a new place, you never know what happens. Mostly that is better! Anyway, I passed a very pleasant month at Casalinho. To cut it short, the hosts Andrea and Jeroen are very good and interesting people. I take my hat off to their project and to what they have achieved so far over there. By the way, their website gives a very realistic and authentic impression of them and their work. Even I consider myself not as a beginner in alternative gardening and agriculture I learned a lot. Almost every day I got a new lecture. It is a great place to escape from everyday urban life and to get to know and to support a fine Permaculture project through a kind of meditative work. I enjoyed it so much that I will come back in the end of this year.

  • I had a great time at Casalinho. I stayed there for 3 weeks, and don't regret a moment. Andrea and Jeroen are very nice, always there to help you. As well as the children. The area is beautifull. I can recommand Casalinho to everyone. I learned a lot. About myself and permaculture.

  • A great place to be, with a great family with lots of cool projects for you to be apart of. Learned some things about permaculture, something that I've never looked for much, but that i've fallen in love with. Looking forward to visit them again preferably in a nice summer where I can enjoy even more the beatiful surroundings!

  • This is a wonderful farm. They are knowledgable about what they are doing and they treat you with respect. I 100% recommend this farm.

  • Lovely situation in the mountains. Fantastic compost loo! And a sweet cafe with wifi in the nearest village. We enjoyed especially the grape harvest where everyone worked together in the sunshine! Difficult conditions for us as family though in the colder months - ie. no indoor places to wash or dry clothes or cook if you want eat your own food. We also chose this place because there were permaculture courses advertised but didnt learn much about the permaculture site plan while there... Saying that - if youre independent and ready for a challenge and hoping to meet other wwoofing travellers this may be the place for you....

  • We spend a great time at Casalinho. You have to get used to the conditions (no shower etc.) and the work can be hard. But the place and the surrounding are wonderful, there are a lot of interesting people woofing and Andrea and her family (and dogs and cats and goats ;-) are very friendly and welcoming. Andrea is also very accurate and gives you all sort of important informations for planning your coming and stay at the farm.

  • Had an incredibly time, learnt so much about permaculture as well as other more rudimentary skills.

  • glad to be a reference of Casalinho where I stayed for around 3 weeks in April 2012.

    to do (April-Mai):
    - Finding Green or "Goat Food" in the forest gather with sickle, rope and work gloves, - clearing the forest to reduce the fire hazard
    - collecting wood and branches
    - watching goats grazing on the meadow
    - using goat manure as fertilizer for the herb garden, vineyards and the vegetable fields
    - Washing dishes, setting the table (for lunch)
    - harvesting e.g. salad, herbs and harvest beans, peeling potatoes and carrots (for lunch)
    - weeding, strawberry and lettuce beds against sow prepare: cleaning and irrigating
    - mowing the lawn (with a sickle and a wheelbarrow)
    - seeding plants (grasses, weeds, flowers, plants)
    - feeding chickens, geese and rabbits
    - digging and cleaning (sevening) the soil
    - mixing the soil with goat manure and filling it in e.g. old fitting milk cartons
    - seeding the cartons (with e.g. tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, beets, nasturtiums and basil)
    - putting plastic trays over seedlings (as protection)
    - potting and watering e.g. Chestnut and maple trees
    - creating water systems/water channels and diagonal rows on the vegetable bed
    - (eventually) helping to slaughter geese/rabbits!!!
    - digging out ancient remains (house shelters, which are under the soil)
    - milking goats, preparing goat cheese
    - expanding the camping area (for volunteers), creating different ground planes with pick and shovel
    - cleaning the caravans
    freetime: watching orange-, lemon-, olive- and chestnuttrees, discovering abandoned buildings (shelter Houses) or hidden caves, playing with free-running dogs, walking in the green mountains, swimming in springs/lakes and meeting local people in the next village ...

  • Adorei a experiência nesta quinta, o Jeroan e a Andrea são pessoas fantásticas, aprendi muitas coisas com eles, e o local é lindo.
    Desejo lhes a maior sorte no seu projecto, e que mais pessoas os ajudem!

  • Saudações. Passei um mês na quinta do Jeroen e da Andrea, como primeira experiência de wwoofing e adorei. O minimalismo reina naquele lugar, o que pode incomodar algumas pessoas, mas para quem quer aprender a viver de forma simples, para poder apreciar aquilo que verdadeiramente importa na vida, é um bom lugar.
    Durante um mês de estadia conheci 11 wwoofers, de diversos paises. Quem procura conhecer pessoas não precisa de ir mais longe.
    Os hosts sao bastante amigaveis, dispostos a ajudar quando possivel e levam um ritmo de vida relaxado, adeus stress.

    Recomendo ; )

  • I was some days last summer on Andrea and Joerens farm. Not long enough to have a real experience of the place and work, but enough to find there very nice peoples, the ones of the place as well as other wwoofers : here comes a lot of people, it's'a meeting place, ideas exchange, instructive discusions. (But my conversation with the dogs was less interesting, they just kept barking.
    The project is very interesting, and the place is beatifull, in the middle of wild and beautifull landscapes.
    From the few work i've done i can say instructions/teaching was clear.
    The only point i was disapointed about was the food : i came in july, and it seems there is a production gap on the farm at this period, so the food was not green and juicy enough to my taste. Right, i'm exigent, but i feel as a volunteer worker one can be exigent on food, as it might be the only exigence.
    Last thing which must be mentioned : they produce the best oil i've tasted since years.

  • I had a very nice time in Casalinho: I loved everybody in the family and the volunteers -we were many, around 15-20 changing all the time. I'm very happy that I could meet so many inspiring people, do so many new things and spend such a relaxed summer holiday time on the farm. I was also happy to see some of the challenges of this kind of lifestyle. I grew to appreciate food and nature and brave people even more than before and I feel like I learned a lot about life during my stay (3 weeks).
    I wish all the best for the development of Casalinho! I would warmly recommend a visit there. If camping, don't forget warm clothes and quality sleeping bag and mattress!

  • Casalinho e Escabelado is a very friendly and beautiful place. But you have to know, that this is not a place for very petty once, because you don't have a shower and also the rest of conditions are very different from what you are wonted. Nonetheless, thanks a lot! :)

  • I spent 3 weeks at Casalinho in May and had an excellent WWOOF experience there. Andrea and Jeroen are exceptional hosts. They are endlessly patient, enthusiastic, and eager to share their knowledge about permaculture, sustainable living, weeds, fresh cheese, and life in general. As a first time woofer I learned a lot, from building tomato terraces to making elderflower cordial, and the work was satisfying. The landscape is stunning, all mountains and valleys and mist and Andrea and Jeroen have exciting plans for the farm and renovating the house. The stream is chilly but makes you feel alive. The food is fresh and delicious. The people are incredibly warm and friendly and if you’re lucky, you may even get to eat one of the animals (though Andrea is very accommodating of all diets). Casalinho is a very special place and I would highly recommend it to all WWOOFers. Go there! You will be glad you did.

  • I stayed with Andrea & Jeroen from summer 2010 until March 2011 (with a little travel in between) and hope to return later this year. There's a huge variety of different things to do and where it's possible you can choose what appeals to you best. There is always work in the garden and collecting food for the animals, and normally building projects as well. Because I was there for a long time I was able to learn how to milk the goats and prepare the cheese which I enjoyed. The project has lots of potential and it was really nice to see it developing and how they manage it on a very tight budget.

    Andrea and Jeroen try hard to make everyone welcome. They are pretty flexible when it comes to managing your time, and it's a lovely place to explore in your time off. It's also a nice social environment as there are normally other volunteers about, plus friends of the family coming by. It's a large enough place though that there is plenty of space for quiet time and just enjoying the peacefulness as well.

    I strongly suggest that potential volunteers read the website to get a feel for the farm before showing up. It contains a lot of information for potential volunteers and reading it will make sure that this is the right farm for you.

  • Very beautiful and authentic place in the mountains, it was my first wwoofing experience and what at fantastic place to start, organi on the traditional style. I loved it !
    Andrea spreads a pure positive energy all around and Jeoron can tell you a lot about local life style, the culture and history of Portugal.
    I'll certainly stop by soon in the summer ;)

  • Casalinho e Escabelado lies in the heart of the mountains, surrounded by forests and streams and cliffs - it is a truly magical landscape, one of the greatest in Portugal! Andrea and Jeroen are currently reconstructing an old stone house, which will one day be a pretty mansion. Already now they are almost self-sustainable in a big part of their food supply. You can get plenty of experience with gardening, if that is what you like. You can also milk goats and take care of the animals. If you are looking for a place where people live a very simple lifestyle with minimalistic needs, this is the place for you. We advise though - if you are used to a certain level of comfort - rather visit in the warm part of the year. November is very cold and wet in the mountains and the farm does not have a source of heat in the caravans, nor hot running water. There is also not a bathroom yet, so don´t expect to have daily showers etc. For those who are well prepared and used to limited facilities, the place offers a learning experience for sure.

  • We had a wonderful time at Caslinho. Andrea and her family were extremely welcoming and although we stayed for only a short time we learnt alot. The small holding is in a beautiful setting and the work is varied and provides ample opportunities to learn and contribute your own knowledge. Our own daughter (3 years) Rowan loved and hasn't stopped playing milking the goats since! Thanks Andrea and family and we hope to come back some time. Rory, Julia, Rowan (3) and Heath (9 months!).

  • I enjoyed the stay at Casalinho very much! It is a good place to forget your day to day worries and concentrate on simple things. There is plenty of different work to do, a lot of new words to learn ("Brambles"!), nice and open-minded people to meet.It was a warm and welcoming atmosphere and I can definitely recommend you to go there.

  • I had a great time at Casalinho e Escabelado. Theres always something to do there,. and its never usually the same thing,. so lack of variaty is never a problem. I had great hospitality from the hosts. The majority of things we ate,. was grown from the farm, so it was great to know exactly where it came from! And locationally,.its in a nice part of the world. I wouldnt have any problems going back!

  • Andrea and Jerome were excellent hosts throughout our stay at their farm; welcoming and friendly. From the moment you arrive you feel very much apart of it all; initially it all seems a bit chaotic, but you soon get used to it. The important thing with these experiences is that you get out of them what you put in, and at this farm there is always plenty to do: tending the vegetable plots, cultivating the land, helping with the irrigation project and of course there's always the goats which always provide some element of entertainment (as well as milk, which is always useful!) If you want to go to a place run by two very committed people, set amongst some amazing landscapes, with natural pools just up the road (perfect to swim in after a mornings work) and good wholesome (home grown of course) food, then you should of course consider Casalinho e Escabelado.

  • Deep into portuguese mountains, the farm is in the middle of pine forests, next to a river where you will enjoy having a swim during the hot and sunny summer. You can do a lot of different tasks, I personnally really liked milking the goats, and preparing goat cheese :). The food that Andrea is cooking is great and healthy, you won't be hungry! It was a really nice experience to share the daily life of Andrea, Jeroen and the two boys. I had a great stay there, and met a whole bunch of friendly people :).

  • My wwoofing experience at Casalinho e Escabelado with Andrea and Jeroen was very very positive. I stayed for about 3 weeks, and mostly worked on laying the foundations for the watertank. I also got to sew some seeds and try my hands at milking goats! What also made this experience very good was how you could control how you spent your own time, which was very nice. Also, Danny was always ready to show us to the local hangout spots (the river, the pool, the bars, the kayak place, etc. etc.), and afterwork hours are also filled with loads of fun! I want to thank everyone at the farm for being such great hoasts, and I would highly recommend this farm to any wwoofer!

  • I had a really great time there and they were kind enough to take me in in very short notice. Because of these guys I found out what wwoofing is about: friendship, feeling good, helping each other out, meeting new people, learning new things (I am now qualified to milk goats, make cheese,.. thanks to Andrea) and having fun doing so!

  • Casalinho e Escabelado is a really great place to stay and have a good time with great people. I really enjoyed my stay at the farm, in a beautiful area, next to a barrage and lovely spots. I'm a scout leader and we were in camp at the farm with my seventeen scouts during two weeks in August for work, it was a wonderful experience for all of us. Thanks to Andrea and Jeroen, our warm and welcoming hosts!

  • Fresh goats milk, cheese making, meteor showers, comfy caravan, windmills, rocks, rocks and more rocks, beautiful river swims, beer at the local bar, red wine and ice tea from Dany´s shop, go the long-drop, beautiful honest hosts with wild sense of humour - never a dull day, these are just a few things I loved about my stay at Casalinho.. Be prepared for... being constantly dust caked, back to earth rustic living (sori no wifi people), narly Portuguese hounds in the village, laughing, shouting, woofin' hard work and fun times. "O bri gada" Andrea and family I loved my stay and will cherish the memories and friends made!

  • Ohh!! I somehow didn't see this part of the website at first. All good, I will now accept!! P

  • I'm happy to be a reference for Casalinho e Escabelado. I had a very rewarding and enjoyable time with Andrea and her family. If anyone has any questions, please get in touch.

  • A farm in the middle of beautiful nature organized by a family that gives theire heart to the place.

  • Had a great time at Casalinho e Escabelado. It's a beautiful place to stay, real nature! A highlight was the cold stream flowing through the farm and you can refresh yourself.
    And of corse the host-family! Thanks for the good time.

  • Casalinho e Escabelado. If you're looking to get away, for utter peace and quiet in beautiful and rural areas, to learn, work and enjoy, and to be surrounded by and live with warm people, you come here.

  • I had a magical time at Casalinho e Escabelado. The farm is set in beautiful surroundings and the people are great. The type of work you do is flexible and you can also decide what times of the day you would like to work. I particularly loved washing in the stream. It´s also pretty easy to get to the nearest town, ´Pampilhosa da Serra,´for the day where they have free internet and hot showers at the local swimming pool!

  • Was a nice time at Casalinho e Escabelado! I loved living in the nature and spending my time at the natural swimming pool! But the one in Meas is also nice, just ask the kid, he will love you for going with him to that place!
    Andrea and Jeroen are great persons; I really enjoyed the conversations with them. Friendly, open-minded and easy to handle.
    Ask for the little bar in the small village, its a lovely place there.

  • Hey, Have fun everyone over there, climb the mounten and swim in the lake. into the wild.thnks for the host. i loved to be there and jump in the river and be natural again. psi.: ur beer need 10 minutes to get cold in the river,try it...Paz.Alex.
    Kids,hugs to u because u were sleeping.

  • absolutely perfect! i went as a single girl and would suggest it to anyone, the hosts are fantastic, the work is authentic and there is lots to learn. i also loved the fact that it was so secluded. cant wait to come again!

  • yep i'll happily be a reference for escabalado...had a lovely time there. Fun easygoing, down to earth and real. Also just let u get on with it. Felt welcomed into their world right from the start. Great food!! Def didn't go hungry :) Beautiful surroundings and the hosts are very accomodating to woofers needs.

  • My one-month stay was an ideal WWOOFing experience for me. I felt included and involved and truly an integral part of the farm. The mix of people - family, WWOOFers, friends, and villagers - created a pleasant and varied social experience. The work tasks varied widely, were educational, and were enjoyable. The environment could not be more gorgeous. I was content there. There is a beautiful balance between the quiet, natural serenity of the countryside and farm work and the exciting and sometimes hectic and always changing human dynamic. I cannot wait to go back.

  • excellent place to woof at the hosts are good poeple the food is nice and its a beautiful place well worth going to. if you have any questions email me

  • My first wwoofing experience ever was with Andrea, Jeroen, and the whole family at beautiful Casalinho e Escabelado. Having spent such a great month over there, I can only feel lucky that it has been with them. I learned a lot, laughed a lot, walked a lot, made some good friends and have found myself regretting having left the farm just a few days after I went away. I am sure that moving into the new house will make things even better! Thanks again for everything!

  • An extremely worthwile time in paradise. Nice work under the sun in an astonishing environment and rewarded by good meals ;) Hosted by very special, friendly and openhearted people.

  • To be at the farm have been a really nice experience!

    Good hosts, a lot of sun, a good camping spot, nice woofers, and a cool little bar near

    the house (Tilla Maia)! I spent a month at the farm and I never get bored...a lot of things

    to do but it was always fun. The farm is incredible, it's quite big and realllllly beautifull!

    Andrea and Jeroen's have been really nice with me and even if there was a lot of woofers

    (a week, we've been about 10 woofers), they took time to talk with me all the time I've

    been on the farm and they were always smilling!

    You should really go there!

    See you!


  • Very active farm in the middle of (nowhere) Portugal:) Hosts are an out of ordinary family, warm and friendly people. We did some vegetable planting, took care of rabbits and chicken and tried to make a field out of forrest. It was very cold in the winter. Better to have a car and some means of your own there to be able to go to the shop and bar:p The farmhouse located in a naturally beautiful area.