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Host CE035

  • I have been at "Pomar do Serpente" since the 5th of June. I arrived at Soudos/Vila Nova train station where Sam (the host, who was born and grewn up in Australia) picked me up. After only 5 minutes by car we were at the farm (in the village "Vila do Paço"). I immediatly receveid a warm welcome from the 5 dogs (Ginger, Chocolate, Pepper, Lucky and Tora). Then Sam introduced me to the other WWOOFer Simon, showed me the WWOOFer accomodation and later we had a tour of the whole farm. He showed me:
    - the "Beds", where he grows many kinds of vegetables (spinaches, cabbages, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, bins) and herbs (oregano, parsley, basil).
    - the "Towers" (Sam's invention), that allow you to grow plants not only on a horizontal surface but also along vertical surfaces, saving so much space
    - the fields with olive, almond and figue trees and many other baby fruit trees.
    - the 11 gots
    -the 18 chickens

    After just 1 hour Sam already let me try to milk a goat!! It was fantastic!
    Later we prepared the dough and we used it to make Arab bread in the pan and to make normal bread and pizzas in the bread-oven!
    Finally we closed the chickens in their cage and picked up some eggs that a few minutes later we fried with spinaches: this was my first meal at "Pomar do Serpente" and it was delicious!!
    It was an awesome beginning at the farm!
    The following days I've always had something different to do:
    - cutting grass and feeding the goats
    - feeding chickens
    - transplanting
    - making "Towers"
    - irrigating the plants
    - reinforcing the goats fence
    - walling work
    - helping in the kitchen
    - going to the local market in Tomar

    Sunday was my first day-off and I spent it in Tomar (the closest big town). There's also a Templar Monastery, very big and interesting.

    Sam is a very nice and friendly person, he likes teaching the Permaculture method and not only: in fact we often have discussions about any argument.
    I've always lived in the city and this was my first time in a farm. I had no experience and everything here was new to me. When I didn't remember how to do something or I was not sure about something Sam is always ready to explain to me again. And even when I do some little mistakes Sam tries and sees the funny side of it.