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Host CE077

  • Olá Wwoofers!!! ! I give you a positive reference to Quinta São José dos Montes!! I was there for three weeks in July 2015 and after a few weeks, I came back again to the Quina!! Imagine!
    It's always good to go there with an open mind and with enthousiasm to learn many thinks from the farm way of live. I felt really confortable with the managers and staff in the Quinta with whom we became friends! I enjoyed to improve my Portuguese there, meet Portuguese people and culture and learn about bioculture and ecoturism.
    All workers, volunteers and managers enjoyed nice moments toguether!!
    I'm very happy to have had this good time with everybody in the Quinta! !!
    Muitos beijinhos!!!!!!

    Sílvia Valls

  • Quinta d S J d Montes is a very crowdy and lively place where you wont feel solitude. The seperate volonteer house is always occupied with 3-5 people with whom you can enjoy the beautiful environment. Go to the river Zezere take a bath, do paddling and here your echo from the hills along the river. Visit the Mongolian Yurts and feel a bit of nostalgia. Quinta do Sao Jose dos Montes is a very clean and organized place. Maynly work is in the beautiful Mandala Garden and on the field. If you are interested also in commercial matters of biological production- they gonna have a bio-certification for supermarkets, if you want to meet Rui and Rita, the young hosts, who a really extraordinary caring for you, if you want to make Yoga in a beautiful room with stone walls and dark wodden ground and if you want to learn/improve portuguese then you should necessarily go to this Quinta,- especially the social sourrounding with Rui&Rita, Volonteers and Co. makes this Quinta to a special place where you might gain experience, meet people you will never forget. Gosto muito:)))

  • Hello Wwoofers!! I have stayed in Quinta dos Montes for ten days, end of october 2014. It is a very interesting place that carries on many diverse activities. The jobs we did were mostly: weeding, collecting veggies for selling in the market, cutting peppers for Masa de Pimientao and preparing some paths in the garden. Wwoofers work from 8h to 13h with a pause in the middle,and monday to friday, then is free time! ;) As well wwoofers have a separate house with three rooms and a big comfy living room/kitchen. The ten days I was there, there were always other volunteers, 3 to 5. We had very good times!!! All the people that are in the farm are very nice and welcoming! Rui, Rita, Bruno, Leonor, Pedro...!!! This is a very important point! :) They do speak many languages like spanish and english, but it is also very good if you want to experiment your portuguese skills, verdade? EEEeeeeee pronto! As well Rui lent us some surf paddles to go try them in the lake/river that is just 15 minutes walking from the house! very very nice spot to go enjoy the beauty of nature after some hard work! :) Spicy lovers are very welcome in the farm because on the table for lunch there is always a nice selection of spices to add to the delicious meal. What else? there is lot to explore in the farm, the animals, the yurtas, the dome with an amazing acoustic, a cozy colored room where we exchanged some massages! I would defenitly advice to go there if you want to have an experience of a farm that is not only a farm! :) Muitos beijinhos a todo mundo y....ATE JA!!!!!!!!!!!!!