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Host CE100

Hello everybody! We are a group of friends from all over the world that got themselves together to finally buy a land to make our dream come true: live in harmony with nature and with each other, and create a little paradise to raise up our children.
The quinta where we live together is a very special place: it is big and wild, has an incredibly beautiful river, pure air and water, and is surrounded by only more wild nature. We are totally off-the-grid: our water comes from a nearby spring, we use only renewable energies as a source of electricity, and we have compost toilets.

Here speaking is one of the families (a big family!) belonging to the project.

At the moment we need help with gardening, landscaping and forest cleaning (to stay as safe as possible from portuguese summer bushfires).

Our experience with volunteers has shown that the most efficient and nicest way for everybody is to organize what we call "volunteer attacks". In those attacks, we organise a group of several volunteers for a period of time, and share work, food and time, everybody together. Working and living so close together, moving towards a common goal, makes a very strong binding between everybody involved.

The most important thing we search in volunteers is good energy, a kind heart, and a strong will to help move forward whatever project is going on. Experienced volunteers are always welcome (and appreciated!), of course, but sometimes, even if the person doesn't have much experience, they can do a great job by trying to do his/her best and putting lots of interest and love in whatever task at hand. So, if you have the motivation and the will, and if you love nature and are interested in meeting alternative ways of living, this could be very much your place! :)

Here go the datas for volunteer attacks for this summer:
- from 20th May to 10th June (on-going now... and still accepting volunteers!! :) - focus on gardening and forest cleaning
- from 1st of July to 15th July - focus on building and landscaping design.
- from 23rd July to 15th August - focus on building a dome structure with clay and straw.
Datas are a bit flexible, meaning that a couple of days before or a couple of days after is all good :)
(we will probably also have something going on in September, but still not sure of the datas...)

We will be working about 6 hours a day, monday to friday, using the mornings of saturday for a "tidying-up mission" (leaving tools and common space in conditions to start work on the following week).

We have an outside kitchen where we all will eat together (we cook vegetarian), and can offer accommodation in a van and an old camper. Tents and buses/campers/vans are of course also welcomed.

Please contact us if you need any other info. We hope you come to meet us and share some time with us! :)

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one horse, many chickens and several cats
Portuguese, English, Spanish, German
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minimum one week
We produce renewable energy (wind, sun, etc)