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The property is set in 6,000 square meters. It has a lot of fruit trees and an empty field. The long-term project is to grow and preserve enough fruit and vegetables to be self-sufficient.
There are two flats on the property, we occupy one of them. The house is habitable but needs a few finishing touches. There is no heating yet and so we do not live there during the winter months.
When we are there to supervise the work, WWOOFers are invited to stay in the other flat or can also stay in our small caravan which is close to the house. Both the flat and the caravan can sleep 2 people. If you would like more independence then there is plenty of room to pitch a tent. You can connect to our WiFi in the flat or the caravan. Please do not smoke inside.
During your stay, you will be provided with three meals a day which we will cook. If you have any special dietary requirements or prefer your food prepared in a certain way then feel free to cook for yourself and we will buy the ingredients. The caravan has a separate kitchen including fridge if you are concerned about keeping your food seperate.
We do not expect WOOFers to work any longer than we do. Generally, this is no more than 5-6 hours per day and free at the weekends. You will be free each evening and weekend to do as you please. There is a bar and a cafe in the village and the local town (15 km) has a cinema, shops, bars, restaurants, a swimming pool and other attractions.
At the moment the work revolves around; finishing the flat that will be dedicated to WWOOFers and other guests; preparing the land for planting; clearing up the fire damage; ensuring fire protection e.g. removing trees which are too close to the buildings.
The land surrounding the buildings has been neglected although still produces a lot of fruit. Some trees need to be removed and others need to be planted. Vegetable plots need to be established and crop rotation planned. Our aim is to have several raised beds for planting vegetables and develop an orchard by better managing the fruit trees that are in place.
We already eat as naturally as possible even though it is becoming more and more difficult to find food that does not have some chemical content. We aim to grow as much of it as we can for our own consumption.
One of my projects is experimenting with food preservation techniques. I also want to use as much as possible and so want to find more things to do with the fruit. How many ways can you think of to use oranges or lemons? I have made some lovely cleaning products which do not kill the bacteria in our waste system.
Come and stay with us and join us in working out how to grow and preserve fruit and vegetables.
You will gain experience in:- preparing an organic garden, project planning, soil analysis to determine what can and cannot be grown, natural food preservation techniques.

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We have no special diet but can accommodate those who do.
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We grow and collect seeds for our own use