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Hi guys, my name is Gui,
I live in Central Portugal, Cepos, village with about 40 souls in winter and some more during summer.
I live there since June 2017.
I am the owner of a place of about 20.000 sq meters, with 9 terraces, and two pools, located about 3 kms from the village.

As for the main activities for the coming months:

Water channel - cleaning the terraces and chicken cop to be built.

Of course, I have many other projects in mind and designed.

I need motivated people, experienced or not, with fresh energy.

For the accommodation, i have only a caravan, so bring a good sleeping bag.

I do not need an experienced person, I will teach you all and we will share ideas, make common decisions.
I am someone chilled, playful, talkative, full of dreams, and I need someone who loves to dream, to laugh, and is eager to learn.

I live in the caravan, gaz stove, BBQ outside, I eat all.
Dry toilets.
Mine water, shower with clean water, no shampoo allowed.

On the menu:
fresh pasta, bread, potatoes, fresh cheese, indian bread fried like,
from garden: lettuces, spinach, garlic, oignon, mustard, melissa, mint,
And much more to come.

Living with me means:
- bad weather = no work
- emergencies under rain = I do it alone
- good weather = walks, chill, work
- great weather = walks, chill, work

I do work when I feel it, well, so not everyday.
I do 4 hours shifts a day in the morning and sometimes afternoon 1-2 more hours.

You are tired, take a nap, you feel like walking, why not, you are hungry, We cook something, well I am a free person, and I expect people to be free too. But I need you, so you will have to work, it is not holiday resort 😎
Each day, we will plan as for the next one, talk about projects, life and else.

You will need a good pair of shoes (work/walks) and emergency kit.

I have a bicycle, Internet is on my phone.
One small solar mattress for phone charging, one for my lamps.

If you need more information, if you are interested in joining, call me.
I will reply to email to call me around 2pm the next day. So call 😊
00351 927 733 152
I use phone during my walk so afternoon only.
There is no email recruitment.

Prepare yourself for the following:
- What am I looking for as a Wwoofer, at Casa do Gui?

To know me better:

Cheer, Gui

Host availability

When can you visit this host?

Host information
Not yet - will be before 2019
French, English, Polish, Portuguese (Italian, German, Spanish with some updates)
I eat all
Preferred length of stay
To be defined
We grow and collect seeds for our own use
We produce renewable energy (wind, sun, etc)