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My name is Pedro, i have been reshaping my knowledge as Agroecologist and Natural Health researcher since 2002 and I live with my wife Ana, who works in our farm with me.

Telling more about me:

Theoretical and pratical experience on Organic Farming, Permaculture and Biodynamic Farming. Diplomas on that except that i don't have a full Diploma yet on Biodynamic Farming. Diploma on Environmental Engineering and Diploma on Mediterranean Agriculture Production. Theoretical and pratical experience of Forestry study (namely Ecophysiology field and seed conservation (nursery work) and convencional Fruit culture study (namey rural extension for apple, chestnut, banana and grape). I communicate to stakeholders from farm to fork in the agrosector, including politicians and researchers and anyone with the goodwill I'm in Agronomy issues since 2002, with a small blink to Renewable Energies, a big blink to Fundraising and writing project applications, and a big big blink to Human Natural Health and pratice (physical, emotional, psychological, trascendental), namely.

We started this project in September 2017 when we took over this piece of hill slopped quite large terraced 1hectare farm from a close neighbour of our home. The farm is 10 minutes walking and 5 minutes with our 4x4 car from our home in the termal village of Longroiva, a very interesting place in the Centre of Portugal which is within the area of 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Douro Wine Valley and the Coa Archeaological Valley.

The farm has a built house there but is waiting for electricity and sanitation.

The climate is pure Mediterranean (dry)

2018 Goals in the farm from the month of September:

- Treat naturally our ill trees (Citrus, Almonds, Apricots, Plum, a few Vines )
- Feed naturally our ill trees and the soil around them, first, then the rest of the trees except the olive trees (mould the soil underneath the tree to retain the irrigation, apply mulch layer, apply various nutritive natural solutions by irrigation, apply percolation devices for extra nutrition in the soil around the tree leaf crown/canopy)
- Feed naturally our aromatic plants and the soil around
- Weed picking, natural soil treatment to prevent weed resprouting, mulch gathering
- Soil application of biodynamic preparation
- Grape, Quince and Olive harvest
- Prune some trees (Citrus, Almonds)
- Cut off the water sprouts from the olive trees
- Cut off the excess growth of the vines
- Clean up some passage points to raise the safety
- Cut off some dead trees with a chainsaw and dispose them for other uses
- Irrigate (last but not least) - optimize, optimize!

Extra goals to do if spare time will remain:

- Sow some of your year's harvest plant seeds (lavender, oregano, rosemary, yarrow)
- Clean up a path into our forest with a brushcutter
- Clean up our river path with a brushcutter

We do accept from 1 to 3 wwoofers per stay/day. The rule is to pursue our 2018 goals, and we ask 5 hours physical work per day, 5 days per week. 2 days off per week. We will answer any question that will arise from the wwoofers curiosity and observation during the work so that the woofers can refine their own insight on agroecological ecossystems in complement to what they will experience and develop through the pratical work. We encourage and can guide the wwoofers on additional time spending to study (through our books and internet research) and gain perspective on any puzzle that might come up naturally for them during their days with us.

We welcome anyone who respects the Story of Mankind and likes children and babies.
We have no children. We do have 2 female cats and 1 juvenile male cat.

Please bring your own working gloves for it is something that is easier if everyone has their own. Also if you bring your own hand hoe (for example a cutlle-fish hoe) it's a plus because we do have several of them but it could not be enough for everyone having one each in some days. Finally, it's preferred by us that you bring your own towels and bedsheets. Don't worry about blankets, we provide.

We moved in August 2017 from our lives in the area of the portuguese capital, Lisbon, to here where my father's family comes from and there was the family house waiting to be inhabited since the passing away of my grandmother about 20 years ago, but the house has had plenty of modernisation works over the years.
Our house in the termal village of Longroiva has all the requisites to accomodate 1 to 3 people with city confort: 1 bedroom with 2 big single beds where 2 single persons or a couple can sleep and 1 bedroom with a single bed that suits better to a person that should not be very tall. These 2 bedrooms are next to a small living room where the tv is and also a bathroom with WC and a shower that serves for use of these 2 bedrooms.

Meal preparation and eating will normally be made together. Sharing from farm to fork :)

We have english and portuguese books on Natural farming and Health, books on Poetry mainly in portuguese. We have internet and mobile phone network available to the woofers. For now we only have 1 laptop computer and 1 tablet, use sharing could be difficult to content all of us, so if you have the chance to bring your own device you will gain a big autonomy and we will be thankfull.

The village of Longroiva main facilities are: one old-fashioned café-grocery shop with quite scarce choices; one fully equipped termal complex with namely various SPA choices and Classes of Hydrogym for example (if you're interested please let us know to see prices and feasibility for you in advance so that you won't become disappointed if it's not available for some reason); a luxury hotel next to the termal complex where there are 2 nice spots to have a coffee (1€ per expresso cup); a famous water Spring where many people pick water for their drinking; a famous pilgrimage shrine (Our Lady of Torrão) near the church and castle, all related to the very much talked Order of the Temple (tracking back from the First Cruzade's Knights that got land domains to manage when they came back from Jerusalem and were chiefly intimate to the king and the Church in countries like Portugal and France); walking and mountain bike paths all around the villlage; church bell ringing; birds singing; stars seeing with clear sky; forest and crops view from everywhere with a sight point in the village, and one of the most if not the most unpolluted air in Europe.

We are about 100 people living actually in Longroiva, 3 are children. In 1950 the number of inhabitants was 1500!

There are roughly all the essencial city services in the city of Mêda, which is at a 5km and at 5minutes distance of our home by car, including Pharmacy, Banks, Post Office, Supermarkets, Municipal Market, Public Library, Swimming Pool Complex, night open Bars and Restaurants (not until very late), etc. Same range of services is available in the city of Vila Nova de Foz Côa (10 minutes by car) and in the city of Penedono (20 minutes by car).

Places to see are around are huge in number. Please note it is a little bit different from New York or Amsterdam. This area is one of the least modern and most remote of the European Union, it is remote even to the own country of Portugal. You will see Castles with 1000 years, women with 100 years wearing black and with a sun wrinkled skin, to start with..it's ideal to meditate (to reflect and/or to contemplate), a time capsule, a time portal, ideal for artistic residence, to trace the history of mediterranean civilization, to walk and mountain bike, to name a few..we will advise you where to spend your spare time if you ask us to. Possibly we can guide you to the places and travel with you there if we have the opportunity.

Contact us to discuss any special needs/requests from your side. We will like to talk a bit more with you by email and/or phone (skype, whatsapp) before you come.

You come by train? We can pick you up by car (see in directions), transport you in our car for the essencial daily distances to and from the farm, drive you back at the end of your stay with us (see in directions), or assist you with our car for a justified special need.

You come by car? You can come in our 4x4 car to reach and to come back from the farm daily, and anytime that offroad driving will be needed.


Ana and Pedro

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Português, Français, English, Español, habiamo bisogno di imparare l'Italiano, ein bichen Deustch, Mimics...
terapeutic food and cooking as much as possible, least industrially processed foods possible and the most ethical products we can know, but we are no fundamentalists at all.
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min 2 weeks (10 working days), more is very accepted, tell us how long do you plan and we'll discuss that.