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My name is Ingrid Maria, I was born and bred in Gibraltar married young and left school very early, had 5 children and returned back to studying in my late 20's when I obtained a full scholarship and went to Bristol in the UK to read Law and European Studies!
Little did I know about the turn around of events that would set me off on a completely different path. During my time in Bristol I woke up to new ideas. I started promoting and running events particularly in the free party movement!I became a DJ and I met people from all walks of life, people who helped guide me on to the path I am on now. At one of the 'raves' I learnt about Permaculture and started to grow food in a small garden at the back of the house. It was not enough, I needed to learn more so off I went to Wales. After a PDC at Coed Hills in Wales I was so impacted by the alternative way of living that I packed up shop, left all I knew and loved behind and headed to Central North Portugal where I could build a home, design a Food Forest Garden, eat organic, drink pure water, breathe fresh air and stay on the verge of the matrix!

I did my next Permaculture Design Course with Geoff Lawton, my eyes opened even wider!


In 2012 we started building the House of Joy-
The House of Joy is a hybrid home built with conventional and ecological materials with an earthen floor to enable close contact to mother earth even if we are indoors! We are completely Off the Grid, running on Solar Energy with 2 wells always with abundant water used for irrigation and a borehole with good drinking water! The House of Joy sits half way on 1 ha parcel of land, 40 degrees due South, on a gentle slope overlooking the ancient village of Meda de Mouros and the tops of the Açor Mountains; a breathtaking sight regardless of the weather! Zone 1 in creation, swales in place , a young Orchard blossoming, natural pools and ponds in the making and still a lot of hands on work to be done; cob building & plastering, lime painting, sheet mulching, tree planting, forestry work, entertainment spaces the list is endless and this is why Fonte da Junça needs you!!
Come and join me short or long term and help me create a self sustaining self sufficient retreat where we can re skill ourselves , enjoy each others company, and live in peace amongst nature whilst helping others do the same!
Treat The House of Joy as a Home away from Home, delicious home made cooking, hot showers and baths, laundry facilities, a sauna in the making, internet connection, fresh fruits and veggies from the garden and local growers and pure fresh water in abundance!There is also a swimming pool to freshen up after the mornings work!

There are many farmers markets on a weekly basis, flea markets, folk festivities, music and dance festivals and this all year round!The City of Knowledge ;Coimbra is but 60 km away! There are ancient sites to explore, many rivers and waterfalls to dive deep into and long walks along ancient trails! I assure you a most wonderful adventure!
Life is for Living- Life is for Sharing-Live it with Passion!

I would prefer a minimum stay of 2 weeks but I am quite flexible. I am happy to receive you any time of the year. You will be staying in my home, or on the land; upstairs, a large room with 2 double beds, a small gymn, a DJ booth setup for those interested in having a spin, internet connection and a cute little look out varanda where you can have your own private space. We are currently making a toilet/shower room upstairs and providing a small kitchenette too!

There is a caravan at the top of the land which needs some work so for skilled carpenters or enthusiasts this would be an ideal project to do whilst staying there!The area will grace its own compost toilet and hot shower and has its own private space and parking.

There is also an area for camping tents if you so wish to camp, and we are creating its own compost toilets, showers and a sauna, all in the making, all needing your input!

There are also flat areas where you can bring your camper van and park up whilst you stay here!

Pets welcome but under your control, I have 7 dogs all amicable and 4 very old cats so your pets must be friendly!

At the bottom of the land we are creating a small bungalow designed for running Music and Dance small gatherings, DJ Retreats, Yoga Mornings ,Ceremonies and Rituals , Workshops and Talks as well as Birthday Parties! This area will have a 'fantasy theme' to it and we are all looking forward to working together in this! Artists would have a field day here!

I also have an area assigned for a 5metre Tipii tent that needs to be setup! I would be so grateful for experts reading this to come and create the Tipii area and make it a beautifully designed place for a small scale Health Retreat. I am a Lyme warrior/survivor and I am helping others on their journey to healing! Next year there will be 2 amazing Massage Therapists coming to help in this endeavour, a Reiki master and a Juice Doctor! Lets help heal the world!
And talking about health...
Make sure you have travel /health insurance for any eventuality!

Bring a smile, an open mind and a good sense of humour!
Lets do this!!

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7 Dogs 4 Cats
English Spanish Portuguese
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2 weeks minimum
We grow and collect seeds for our own use
We produce renewable energy (wind, sun, etc)