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Host LI001

We are renewing an old adobe house, cleaning, painting, redecorating, to do mosaic, painting tiles, to do a vertical garden, garden pavement in stone "calçada portuguesa" and so. This we can teach you. Just bring your goodwill to learn and do new things.
Also look for skilled experienced electrician and/or woodworker.
Please contact us by email, only if you are one of those.
And only if you have a proper insurance.
(Check if you have insurance that covers medical care including transportation home, accidents, and loss of property. You should also be covered against you injuring other people or losing or breaking other people's property. Make sure your insurer knows that you will be a volunteer on a farm. Special insurance for WWOOF members is sold by http://www.oveuropa.com/ ; even if they are not connectd with the WWOOF organization.
Start by reading very well all this text.
Are you able to experiment to live with gratitude while you are here, as if you agree with 100% of our way of life. Yes?
So now you can continue by sending us an email, to our email address mas10....@gmail.com with your wwoof data and telling us why you decided to apply for a stay.
Before you apply to come here it is better you watch this film "La belle verte" with lots of atention. https://vimeo.com/147519387
You can use for free the internet in the main place in town, the library or in the Cinema, nearby.
We are just an old house with a garden, in the historical center of a town. It is suitable to have just one only wwoofer. No groups.

Here we never know what is happening next. It can be a TV crew filming, a radio program, volunteering somewhere else, etc... ;-)
This is a documentary in the main national TV also about us:
**Check my website**

And here you can see several videos about Montijo:
**Check my website**

Montijo belongs to the "great Lisbon". We are 5/6km from the white bridge (Vasco da Gama) toll. And 30m from the centre of Lisbon, by bus (10m) and boat (20m). The bus-top is just 3 meters far from our door.
We are a house, from the middle XlX century but finished in the 1923, in a 500 m2 plot, located in the historical centre of a town, in the left bank of the river Tagus, opposite central Lisbon. Named Lisbon South Bay.
So the house and the trees are more than 100 years old but the 1st floor was built in 1923. There is a 300m2 edible garden. I'm creating conditions to have here a residence for creative artists, vegetarians and ecologically concerned people. We have to finish the building inside to offer proper accommodations for all of us. We need carpenters and people who knows about building, electricity or water installation, etc.
Only few works are needed in the garden.
I have completed a UK Permaculture Association Design Course in 2007.
Here you live in a new way.
We eat mainly vegetarian/vegan/macrobiotic food. We do sun-gazing near the river.
Usually all woofers here improve their health a lot, because I'm experienced in Naturopathy. But if you want to be taught or receive treatments, massage, cupping, eat a very careful diet, Systemic Constellations, coaching, cooking, counselling in health issues or astrology, etc. it is not for free.
Here we do detox for the body and soul. And about revolutions... we do it only inside of us.
This is a place for grateful people who wants to discover their inner power. In peace. Being responsible for their own lives.
Our aim is to live in balance with our inner nature as well as with nature around us.
We care about living in peace, out of the fear energy and following our personal natural rhythms. Enjoying the work and the rest, as well.
Don't apply to come here if you feel and see everything wrong around you.
Here you are treated like a family member. A house gest. But sometimes you have to take care of your own food.
Here you are not "just another wwoofer" who is treated like cattle...
We go to other houses of friends and family. Nice places. Kind people.

Your work will be the one you prefer from a list and the one you are able to do. There is a lot of work restoring furniture and the buildings.
But sometimes the work we have is just to keep things neat and tidy. Please, do it after you use anything. Leave it better than you found.
Better, also, if you are responsible and able to organize yourself with the duties; because we have lots of things to do and we can not be by your side. You should contribute with 5 hours of daily work. With 2 free days a week. Which we agree among us.
You have to respect limits.
This is a healing biotope.
The houses, the tools and all area has to be kept clean and in order. Most things here are fine and fragile. Please be careful in the use of tools and furniture, etc.
It is a little like a monastery. But we all improve and change a lot with it.
Now I'm finishing the writing an essay and a novel. There is another book already in the market (http://www.wook.pt/ficha/contos-com-final-feliz/a/id/10636086) But we can also go to work in other place or to the radio or the TV, any time.
You have to be able to cook your meals. You can buy things for your use.
If you stay enough time to learn or you are particularly skilled I use to write a recommendation letter, assuring your very good skills. An efficient, independent and old style way, to do it.
Much better and empowering than diplomas from schools or universities. And the ones I wrote changed a lot, for better, the life of their owners.

Have a look about this area in those films:


Or these:

Or here:

We are 5km from the south end of the white bridge across the river Tagus.
Usually in summer we go to the beach or have a nap and work only when the temperature is cooler.
The river has pink flamingos, wonderful sunrises and sunsets and is only 500m from us.
In winter we start working about 10 or 11 am when it starts to be warmer.

It is very easy to go to Cascais, Estoril, Sintra or Lisbon from here.
There is lots of good restaurants and bars around. Some wwoofers arranged go to some restaurants and get the food, for free, in the end of the day. But you can have a very nice meal from 3 to 8 Euro. Only with fresh ingredients from the sea and the fields. Most of those restaurants deserve lots of stars from Michelin.
Grilled or fried fish is a staple. Eals, here, are exquisitely cooked.
The best for your "sweet tooth", in typical cakes, is the " Casa das Queijadas" in front of the main bus station waiting-room. There is also "Casinha do Alentejo" with the best bread in Portugal; but also the best cheese, sausages, cakes, wine, biscuits, etc.
All woofers love their coffee and cakes, etc!
Besides nearby there is shops for everything.
Inside our walls you feel in the countryside. But if you open the gate you are in a very agreeable and peaceful town.

Some of our neighbors come here to share our experiences and work as voluntaries as well.
Like D. Tonica who comes here to cook some delicious dishes from her home-town in Alentejo. Or D. Ines who knows a lot about plants and herbal-teas. You can learn our language here. It is better to learn Portuguese in Portugal. Because if you learn it in Brasil you arrive, here or in Africa, and you will not understand a word. I have seen here too much people desperate for this reason. :/ If you learn here you understand the Portuguese in any other country. ;)

If you damage something here you are responsible for it.
And if you don't adapt to us, very soon you are asked to go.
But if you want to talk about anything or do any suggestion you are welcome.
Check if you have insurance that covers medical care including transportation home, accidents, and loss of property. You should also be covered against you injuring other people or losing or breaking other peoples' property. Make sure your insurer knows that you will be a volunteer on a farm.

Get yourself a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in case you need medical treatment whilst in Portugal, either as the result of illness or accident. The hospital is very close to our place.

Bring good ecological care products, please. Or you have to buy them here as soon as you arrive. Because all the grey-water goes to the plants. I suggest: Weleda, Wala, Lavera, Henna Plus, John Masters Organics, etc.
Not allowed: bad quality food, disturbing music (even in personal devices), terror or action films and drugs (even hiding...) .

Please read the directions take notes and carry them with you!

It is better if you contact us by email. Send your wwoof data and tell us the reason you decided to apply to come here.
Most wwoofers stay in touch with us and come again and again.

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Host information
cats, frogs, birds, fish, etc. on their own ;-)
Portugues, english, français, español, italiano,
mostly macrobiotic and vegan
Preferred length of stay
2 weeks or more
We grow and collect seeds for our own use