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Who Are We?

We are an organic farm and we grow aromatic and medicinal plants. The Boa Palavra project started in 2011.
Our way of work is inspired by different sources such as permaculture, and traditional/ancient knowledge, but mostly by daily observation, experimentation and by observing /‘listening’ to the plants and what they need.
The farm is located 7 minutes by car from Setúbal city center.
Setúbal is a small and charming city near the beach and the beautiful Arrábida hill. (Setúbal city It’s a 50minutes bus/train ride from Lisbon.).
The volunteers joining us will enjoy to work at the farm and to develop practical knowledge in the following areas :
-Planting and growing aromatic plants
-Cropping techniques
-Observe the method we use to dry the plants
-Knowledge on the most common uses for the plants that grow in the farm.

We are an open farm and everybody is welcomed as long as you enjoy to work with the plants. We would love you to give us a hand here :) We expect people joining us to have a real interest for organic farming. We expect people to be motivated and willing to work.
The volunteers should be able to handle physically the work in the farm, e.g. planting, harvesting, weeding, etc.
In the summer season the sun it's brighter during the last hours of the morning and we need protection to work in the field e.g. hat, suncream, light clothes , please bring these with you :)
Volunteers work in the morning and have afternoons and weekends free. As the working hours at the farm are only in the morning period, from 7:00 to 13:00 (in August from 6:00 to 12:00 to avoid the heat) wile we are at the farm we ask for the volunteers to focus and do their best effort to help us and the plants so things get done at the farm. It is not always easy work, it needs to be hard working people with love for farm work to join us.

The volunteers will have a shared room and will share the toiled, waching machine, kitchen, oven (etc) with a maximum of 3-5 other volunteers. A usual day in the volunteer's life here will be working early in the morning, than go home , have lunch together (maybe a little nap, depends on people) and then enjoy the rest of the afternoon exploring the city, good food, the beach, etc. On weeks days we cook the meals, but on weekend volunters will have the kitchen to themselves using the ingredients on the farm. On the weekends the volunters don't work in the farm and we encourage to go and visit beautiful places that are just one or two hours (bus /train ride) from setubal, such as Lisbon, Sintra, Sesimbra, Évora, etc, etc.

If this sounds good to you ,we hope to see you here !
Meanwhile enjoy life
Hug from the Boa Palavra Garden

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não criamos animais/only our pets
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minimum 10 days of work, 2 weeks