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Host LI011

Since 2012 we have received hundreds of volunteers to maintain the everyday/general tasks on the farm.

From now on, volunteering at the Ecovillage is integrated into the Rural Incubation program with the purpose of empowering young adults to create a sustainable and self-supporting rural experience. With this program we promote an immersion in the universe of action of the Dolmen Association based on a strong responsibility of the individual with a view to a full and rapid integration in the collective.

The volunteer & host together must choose one area of intervention in the project,
depending on skills, needs of the moment for the project, knowledge of the volunteer and motivation

5 days / week
Pocket money that Association gives to volunteer: 100Eur / month*️
First week experience (not paid)
5 action areas of your choice
Minimum duration of 2 months

*️ If volunteer or host decide to go, before the 4 first weeks, the host is not obligated to
make the payment, The volunteer that is inside of this program should be entire Responsible & Autonomous of his/her area of intervention, following instructions of the residents of Ecoaldeia de Janas.
There will be no specific times of work, around 5 hours/day will be enough to make a
good work, but if you need more or less hours it depends on the volunteer and the
situation of each day.

Main Responsibilities:

1 - Field logistics
- Harvesting
- All manual field operations
- Watering systems
- Agro-forestry operations

2 - Caring & Facilities
- Housekeeping
- Prepare and serve meals
- Laundry management
- Assist guesthouse management
- Breakfast
- Firekeeper
- Care of house pets and plants

3 - Development & Management of Infrastructures
- All maintenance of infrastructures
- All building tasks

4 - Micro-Productions & Team leader
- All micro-production operations
- Animal care
- Cleaning and development of production centers

5 - Commerce assistant
- Organizations os farm products at the Coop
- Assistant of all needed coop operations
- Packaging orders
- All Digital marketing operations

Specific Responsibilities:

1 - Field logistics

- Weekly fertilization
- Follow and adjust the watering schedule
- Planting and monitoring first week of transplantation
- Wednesday general weeding
- Tuesday harvesting and possible weekend re-harvesting
- Soil preparations
- Producing compost (turning piles, worm compost management)

2 - Caring & Facilities

- Cleaning outdoor compost toilets
- Organizing tours with guests to the farm
- Monday, Tuesday and Sunday (evening) meals
- Keep food storage and fridge clean and owner labeled
- Preparing rooms for guests
- Laundry and backup toilet up to date and clean
- House cleaning (floor, windows, carpets, toilets, etc)
- Making and keeping fireplaces on
- Monitoring dormitory cleanness

3 - Development & Managment of Infrastructures

- Keeping all workshops clean and organized (30 minutes before the end of the working day)
- Support building team at all activities

4 - Micro-Productions & Team leader

- 2h a day Mushroom farm: Preparing new bags, harvesting, cleaning
- Animal Care: Horse, sheep’s, chickens and pigs
- Seasonal productions: Summer jams, Cider
- Brewing assistant
- Baking assistant
- Production Centers development and monitoring
- Team Leader: Filling task list for the week, promoting Friday 2pm meeting and previous peer-2-peer pitches, walkie talkies management
- Nursery management: transplantation, weeding, watering, seeding
- Welcoming new volunteers, touring and briefing them about volunteer rules

5 - Economical activities assistant

- Dishwasher assistant at peak hours
- Packaging, sealing and labelling all kind of products
- Support Workshop's organization, setting and dismantling the classrooms:
-Cleaning, tidying up and setting up rooms/facilities for the weekly events, on the evening prior to the event or early morning for all day events, before lunch time for afternoon events
- Cleaning and tidying up rooms or other facilities that were used for the events (immediately after the event)
- Preparing Coffe Breaks/welcome treats for event participants (Making coffee and tea, as well as suppling room with bowl of fruit to be served at 11 a.m for all day events and 4 p.m. for all day or afternoon events; Coordinate with person responsible for breakfast when reception is at the main house, so that coffee, tea and fruit is enough for guests, event participants, etc)
- On Thursdays at 10 am, check with Joana which and where events will be attended during the week or weekend
- Assisting teachers or students (possible translating) on some of the educational events (one the days prior to the event or during the event)
- Re-stock shop shelfs
- Staff catering at the restaurant

Host availability

When can you visit this host?

Host information
chickens, rabbits, ducks, dogs, sheeps, a pig and a horse
Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian
we are open to all diets
Preferred length of stay
2 months minimum
We produce renewable energy (wind, sun, etc)