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  • Abundance of possibilities how to creatively connect reality with the strength of dreams. Possibility of finding strength in abundance of creative connections. Strong connections are possible by acceptance of creation's abundance. Connecting dreams to real natural abundance is giving strength to possibility of creation.
    Creativity, sky, house, van, Dean, Alex, Rudi, hammock, stones, sand, tent, olive trees, cane, piggery, compost, worms, plants, sun, Jabu, waves, ocean, song, singing, crying, sharing, Linn, Gregor, Lulu, Pipi, Nath, music, water, coffee, cakes, mulch, kittens, rats, chickens, Senhora Senora, Supa, soil, earth, wines, fence, blisters, orange string, level, horizon, shit bucket, solar shower, open kitchen, good food, joy, pleasure,sighing, smiling, joking, laughing, listening, observing, responding, reusing, recycling, responsibility, reality, dreams, freedom, inspiration, fire, wind, clouds, stars, abundance, strength, connection, possibility.
    There are endless possibilities of how you choose to connect this abundance of facts - but the fact is always strength as Quinta Azenhas is a home of grateful simplicity and simple gratefulness.
    With love (even if without pickaxe:),