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Monte dos Vicentes

Welcome on our profile page! We're glad you made it...

We have an organic farm and B&B. We produce vegetables, fruits, olives for eating and oil, and we have a bunch of farm animals, all in the hidden treasure of Portugal that is the Alentejo region.

A few years ago we started work on our B&B, trying to get tourism to the area. Since then, more and more people have found their way to the region, without spoiling the peace and quiet that can be found here. People that want to see how life can also be lived are the ones that enjoy it here most. You can almost say it is our mission to help people see what a fulfilling life can look like and what can be done differently with a few simple ingredients.

The Alentejo has a long cultural history with many specifically regional traditions and food. Eating and cooking is a big part of life here, which you will experience during your stay here. Cooking is usually done together as a group effort. Our kitchen work is open to suggestions, with room for sharing traditional recipes and experimenting. Please note: if you are lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, strict vegetarian and/or vegan, we will not able to accomodate you... (Sorry.)

The daily routines consist of feeding the animals, cleaning, cooking, gardening, projects, and occaisionally preparing the houses for guests.

Our vegetable garden is a work in progress. Every year we imporove and build on the things that work and don't work. We invite you to bring some seeds with you to try! All experience and ideas/suggestions are welcome!

The olive work is very important to us. It's a crop that has been here for centuries, and it helps sustain our way of living. We do a fair bit of pruning in February/March, get rid of so called "suckers" in September, and harvest the crop in November. We prepare olives for eating, and produce olives for olive oil that is made at a nearby press house.

There are always some projects going on, you'll find out when you get here!

We're open for volunteers year round, even during the wintertime because we enjoy fantastic weather even then. (Maybe skip January though, unless you like rain...)

Work is done mostly during morning hours, afternoons are for sitting/talking/relaxing/exploring/own projects. There are bikes here for you to borrow.

We are very reasonable people, taking you to dinners with friends and family, doing and seeing things together. In return, we expect you to be the best you can be. The exact number of working hours is something we don't really think and care about. Sometimes it's 4, sometimes 8, but always with fun, that's important for us. We take the words of Gandhi to heart: "Love what you do, make your passion your profession, and you will never work a day in your life."

We welcome open minded people that want to share and exchange knowledge and enjoy the beauty of life in the countryside.

The bus connection from Lisbon airport is good. It takes a few hours, but it's easy to manage and it's a great ride. Contact us for details.

Feel free to send a message if you want more information. Hope to see you soon!

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