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Quinta do Vale

Since Andreas bought this farm 30 years ago, we only used and provided biological products and plantations.

Quinta do Vale is run by Andreas.
Andreas is German, but he speaks a good English and Portuguese, he can also understand and speak a little French.

Andreas is a 63 years old engineer that has always a lot of ideas and solutions on his mind. He is dedicated to nature, permaculture and biological food.
Four years ago, Andreas had an accident and now he has a prosthetic hip, so he can’t do some tasks and he need to rest several times per day. But he’s always available to explain every task, and he would love to give you all small details, if you ask for it!!
He runs the online and financial issues.
=================== Projects ===================

=== Garden ===
- Planting new plants
- Watering the garden
- Weeding the garden
- Picking vegetables/fruits (on the right time!)
- Building the Green House

=== Jams and Conserves ===
During the summer we should find new and good ways to preserve our vegetables and fruits. We can freeze them, make jams, pickles and sauces. It’s a very important task that needs to be executed perfectly. If the jars aren’t well washed and sterilized all your work goes to the waist!

* * * Working time * * *
This can be different from volunteer to volunteer. When we need to teach you something you don't know it will take us time, so you will do 5h or 6h depending on how much you can do in that time.
6 days a week, 1 day off. So if you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty we would love to hear from you! You don't need to have any special skills, but you might leave with some :)

****** Minimum Stay 2 Weeks *********

* * * Rules for your stay * * *
- When you arrive at the farm the first thing you should do it’s to read our rules’ book. It’s just some pages about our habits and our concerns – since you’ll be part of our house and our life is very important to us, that you can understand and respect the way we live. If you want to know everything in advance.
- At the moment we use electricity to heat up our shower water that is from our own mine, but still we have to save to use it to water the plants in the summer!
- To cook we use propane and a wood oven. We prefer to use the second option for every meal. Just to the breakfast and to re-heat some leftovers people can use the propane oven.
- We need responsible wwoofers that are proactive and autonomous! We try often to have meetings and clarify all the tasks that you can do. Then you should feel free to do what you think it’s the most important tasks! That means that we need creative, honest and committed people to work with us!
- The characteristic that we give the most value is the ability of using your own head to find solutions and to improve yourself and the place where you are. So please consider this for your decision.
- If you have any doubt, even if you think is a stupid thing: ASK! Ask Andreas. You will always find an answer; and if you ask twice is fine too!! ?
- You need to be truly devoted to the cause – volunteering work - because we're not an hotel, we are a farm where hard work has to be done!

* * * To Bring With You * * *
- Every volunteer must bring their own working boots/shoes, working clothes, some warm clothes because the nights are cooler and swimsuit.
- If you have a special health need, please tell us about that and bring your own medication. If you want to buy it in Portugal, please inform us in advance, because we need to translate/identify the name to find the right one!
- If you have a special food need, please, tell us about that and, if it’s still on our budget we can buy it just for you. If you need to eat caviar every morning, we are sorry but you should bring your own! ?

* * * The wwoofers opinion * * *
You are always free to tell us if anything is wrong and we will not judge you for that. It's better to know what you think than see you unhappy or not motivated!

# # # ABOUT THE PLACE # # #

Our farm has 6 ha, we have One House, belongs to Andreas (and half belongs to his ex-wife).
There we have 2 bedrooms available: one with a double bed, other with two single beds. Our House has wi-fi.
we also have a tent to borrow if you would like a different experience
In our place you can find an artificial lake, a little bamboo forest, a little stream, many gardens, a bath tub that you can heat up making a small fire underneath it, an outside kitchen, a “swim pool” – it’s a 2 meters deep water tank where we use to swim, many places to set a tent or to sleep outside.

Our farm is just 17 km from an important city - Coimbra. There you can visit the University - is one of the oldest in Europe in continuous operation, it was established first in 1290! To get there you have a bus directly from our village (you only have one 3 times per day) or another bus which stops is 4km away, but there are several buses every day. If someone is going in that direction maybe you can get a ride, although the trip by foot is lovely!
There are a lot of other sightseeing's like the ruins from 'Conimbriga' 13 km from us. This is one of the largest settlements of Romans in Portugal. We also have a mountain near by - SERRA DA LOUSÃ - and 17km from us you can find schist villages. You can also go for a hike in nature. We also have a nice river that has very clear water, where you can swim in the Summer - 18 km from us.

º º º Production º º º
Fruits (apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, grapes, Kiwis, oranges, lemons, strawberries, raspberries, figs, kaki...)
Nuts (walnut, almond)
Vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, beetroot, cucumber, beans, peas, celery, eggplant, chard, rhubarb, pumpkin, spinach, peppers, cabbage, onions, garlic ...)
Goat cheese (~ April to October)

««««« If you are interested in more pictures and other information send us an email. »»»»»»


======== HOW TO GET TO THE FARM =======================

If you are looking to came with airplane, we suggest . You will find very cheap flights if you book them with some time in advance.
Once in Portugal you can travel by bus with the company: "REDE EXPRESSOS"
Or you can travel by train, so go to: CP.PT
Prices are pretty similar, but buses are a little cheaper, although trains are faster!
To came to this farm, you need to get to the city COIMBRA, from there you have to go to our village CASAIS DE SÃO CLEMENTE.
You should take a bus, near the railway station in Coimbra-A (if you come by train the main station is Coimbra-B, but is outside the city center, you can take a connection train to Coimbra-A; if you come by Rede Expressos bus company is 15 minutes walk). The following link shows the place where you should take the bus in to our village:

The bus company name varies, but in the front window next to the driver, you have a sign saying "Pousafoles" which is the name of the last stop. You can buy the ticket on the bus, it is around € 2.50, and ask to warn you when you get to CASAIS DE SÃO CLEMENTE. Then, at our village you just search for the only chapel (you can see it from the bus, is exactly in the middle of the village!). Our house is at the end of the street that is perpendicular to the chapel.

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Quinta do Vale
sheep, chicken,ducks, cats and fish
English ,German, Português
open for all
Preferred length of stay
2-3 weeks
We grow and collect seeds for our own use
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