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Quinta Sinfonia

Our farm is located in a small village called Zibreira da Fé in Sobral de Monte Agraço, 30 km north of Lisbon.
The farm has a lot of variety:
-Garden, where we grow season products
-Orchard: we have almost every kind of fruits like oranges, peaches, pears, plums, different kind of apples, etc.
-Olive trees
-Walnut trees
The products we collect are for self consumption and we also sell them in a farmers market in Lisbon every Saturday.
Besides the farming work we are recovering the main house by using natural or recycled products like hay, lime or wine bottles that we use to isolate the walls. We also have the intention to construct a tank to collect water of the rain, to do a green roof and a dry bathroom.
We try to be as much independent of the exterior as possible by producing our food and in the future we plan to produce our own energy and water.
We are looking for people who love the farm work and are willing to learn and share. The work in the farm sometimes is hard so we are asking for people that can give their best during the working schedule.
We usually need help with:
-garden: preparing soil and compost, planting, weeding, watering and collecting the vegetables
-orchard: trimming, cleaning, treat the trees, collect the fruits
-animals: feed the farm animals, clean the shelters
-specific tasks depending on the time of the year: collect walnuts, olives, grapes, make wine
-Natural building
-Others: help cleaning the house, cooking, preserving fruits and vegetables, seeding propagation

We have a schedule of 6 days a week. The daily hours may vary: in the winter we will finish working earlier (17.00 h) and in summer we will stop later.
We offer 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast is composed by milk, bread, jam, butter, ham.
We eat every type of food, meat fish, vegetables and we expect the wwoofers to adapt as long as they are with us.
The volunteers will have a spare room with free wi-fi after work. We only accept one person at a time. We do not accept people with pets.
Our farm is surrounded by nature in a very quite zone. The main village is at 5 km, the nearest town is Torres Vedras at 20 km and we are only 30 km from Lisbon. From our farm you can visit places like Mafra, Ericeira, Santa Cruz, Óbidos. Near us there are bus and train station.

Just an IMPORTANT side note: we prefer wwoofers with experience in farming but that’s ok if you don’t have experience. The most important thing is to have interest in farming and be interested in learning and be willing to help. Our farm is a very nice and calm place but we are nor an hotel or a meditation centre.

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Host information
Host name
Quinta Sinfonia
A dog, a cat and chickens
Portuguese, spanish, catalan and english
Mediterranic diet. We eat meat, fish and a lot of vegetables. We don't accept people with any special diet. We dont't allow wwoofer to cook their own sepatate meals.
Preferred length of stay
2 weeks (minimum stay)
We grow and collect seeds for our own use
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every day