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A Quintinha da Liz

In A Quintinha da Liz we produce organic fruits and vegetables, which are used to produce homemade jams, liqueurs and preserves. We have blueberries and a wide variety of fruit trees. We make compost and use other organic techniques in our farm. We are open to new ideas for monetize the spaces and save energies.
In A Quintinha we have different places for our crops and we also have availability for places were the volunteers, if desired, will be able to plant their own products their own way, as long as organic!! We have plenty of leisure areas ideal for relaxing, and meditation, and we have two old laundry tanks where we can refresh ourselves in the Summer!! We have centenary trees protecting A Quintinha!!
We are true animal lovers, and we have a lot!!! All the animals we have were rescued from the streets or from homes where they have been mistreated. I rescue animals from the streets for more than 16 years!! All of my animals are an important part of our family and are not raised for human consumption! Our animals are very kind and like to interact with people! We have wide areas where our dogs can run at their will!! Our chickens are authentic field chicken, the hennery is huge and with fruit trees!! Our goat is always happy with guests being first in line to greet everyone new! Cats are essentially everywhere, both inside and outside the house! So if you are thinking in coming here, you will REALLY need to be an animal lover, otherwise you will not feel confortable in here!! Some tasks imply taking care of the animals, pet them, feed them, clean the areas, pet-walking,..., but the thing is that they are everywhere, so you will always be with an animal!! About allergies, watch out with that!!
We need help with the annual crops (sowing, maintenance and harvesting), with the fruit trees (pruning, maintenance and harvesting), with the maintenance of the animal houses and with the animals themselves, as well as with the normal maintenance of the Farm, basically everything that we use to do on a farm that stands only through agriculture.
We mainly cook vegan meals, we may use eggs from our chickens. We don't want to cook in here meat or fish.
We love Nature and respect it above all! You will need to respect it also!!
We want those who come visit A Quintinha da Liz to feel and embrace Nature as she is in the purest of forms!
I’m Lara, I live in A Quintinha da Liz with my companion, with our animals, and we will be glad to welcome you into our magical place!!!

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A Quintinha da Liz
Cats, Dogs, Chickens, Goat
Portuguese, Spanish, English and basic French
Tasty home made food!! We only cook vegan/vegetarian
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1 month
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2 vezes por semana