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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I join?

Select Join in the menu

There you will fill in an application form with some general information about yourself.

After sending your form you must proceed to the payment of the membership fee. You'll find the prices on the join page.

Your membership lasts 365 days.



How long can I stay on a farm?

The length of the stay on a farm is decided between you and your host. There is no standard period. It can be anything from a few days to a few months. It all depends on what you both want. Some ask for a few weeks trial before accepting people for longer stays.



How do I arrange my stay and what rules are there?

As soon you your payment is complete it’s up to you to choose which farms you would like to visit. Please!! It is important to make arrangements in advance, don't just turn up at the door. During the initial contact it is important to discuss details of the stay such as duration and what chores there are.

If you set a date to visit a host and then find you cannot make it, please inform the host to let him/her know as soon as possible, because if you fail to turn up, there will be concerns for your welfare!



Why can't I login?

Double check you are typing the right username and password. Both are case sensitive, so "Myname" is different from "myname".
In case it still doesn't work, click on "Forgot your password?" link on the top right!
Most of the login problems can be solved on this way, so please only contact the coordinator after trying these two possible solutions.



What's expected from a volunteer (WWOOFer)?

WWOOFing is not a cheap holiday and way to travel. It is a voluntary organisation set up to teach people about the organic movement and give them hands on experience and to help out organic producers as organic production is very labour intensive. If you are looking for free accommodation on your holidays there are other organisations for that.

If your stay is not working out for your host he can always ask you to leave, although with good communication between host and WWOOFer it does not usually resort to this.



How does it work with insurance?

Check with your regular insurance company. We don't have any insurance partners that we recommend but we are aware that WWOOFers often use:




How far in advance do I need to contact a host?

Usually 1 or 2 months. If you make contact too far in advance the host may not be able to predict their future availability.



How long does it take roughly to place me?

We do NOT place you - you place yourself. Once you have the WWOOF ID it is up to YOU to contact the farms. How long they take to reply depends on them. We suggest it may take two weeks between writing and receiving a reply.




Can I go WWOOFing with my children?

We know that some farms are very happy to welcome people with children others are not. For farms that already have children it is often a pleasure to have other children around.

Information is normally given in the host list (which also should be checked by you with the farm in advance).

For getting the perspective of others that WWOOF with children there are
several articles on the WWOOF Independent site:





What type of visa do I need?

To get the best information please contact your friendly embassy, if you are an EU citizen there is no obligation to ask for visa. WWOOF can unfortunately not provide any assistance to gain visas. We do not write invitation letters.



Can you help me find a job and get a work permit?

The WWOOF arrangement is not paid work, it is volunteer help in exchange for food, accommodation and learning opportunities in organic farming.



What does volunteering on a farm mean?

Volunteering means helping with the everyday tasks that need to be done on the farm. There is no payment for your help - it is not a job - it is an exchange. You exchange your help for being fed and accommodated in your host's home.



Can I bring my dog?

Only with the host's permission.



Can I get references from a farm?

If you have any concerns about a farm, we recommend that you contact the farm directly and ask them for contact information of former volunteers who have been there. So then you can contact these former volunteers and get an idea of the situation on that farm.



Can I join together with my friend?

No. Each WWOOFer must have its own membership. The only exception is for children WWOOFing together with the mother and/or father.



Can WWOOF help me get a visa?

No. WWOOF will not get involved in any process having to do with visas or travel permits, and will not issue invitations, letters or any document to that effect.



How to travel to Portugal?

By airplane:
There are three international airports in mainland Portugal: Porto, Lisboa and Faro.
You can click here to check all the flights to these airports.
By train:
The main international trains coming to Portugal are the Sud-Express that connect Paris to Lisboa and the Lusitania that connects Madrid to Lisboa.
By bus:
Eurolines is one company that can bring you to Portugal.



How to travel inside Portugal?

The only national passenger train service in Portugal is done by CP - www.cp.pt .
This operator offers different kinds of service. You can choose from the cheapest and slow to the expensive and fast you can choose: Suburbano, Regional, Inter-Regional, InterCidades and Alfa Pendular.
The bus is a good option when you need to reach places not served by train. The main bus company is called Rede Expressos – www.rede-expressos.pt .
Hitchhiking can be an option in small villages, but be ready to be a long time waiting.



I don't speak Portuguese, is this a problem?

Most of the young Portuguese people speak English. Language is not a problem in Portugal as people who don’t speak English usually make a big effort to communicate with you.



Do I need a Visa?

If you are not an EU citizen, you need to check at a Portuguese Embassy to discover if you will need a Visa. We CANNOT help you with any kind of letter or recommendation. You can check here to discover where is the closest embassy to you.
A WWOOFer isn't a worker but a tourist sharing experiences with the hosts. In case you want to work in Portugal and you are not an EU citizen, you will need a special working visa.