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Legal Information

"WWOOF - Associação para a Promoção de Oportunidades Mundiais em Agricultura Biológica" est une association sans but lucratif enregistrée à Lisbonne sous le numéro 795/2009.

Some legal numbers:
Tax Collecting Number (NPC) - 509050832
Social Security Number - 25090508325

WWOOF Portugal is committed to protect the personal data from its users and collaborators, according to our

Data Protection Policy (in Portuguese)



We take complaints seriously at WWOOF Portugal.
If you want to make a complaint, an advice or report some situation, please contact us.
We will act according to our Complaint Procedure.

Complaint Procedure 


Every year WWOOF Portugal will make a report of activities and a plan for next year (in Portuguese only). This is required for a non-profit association in Portugal.

Activities Report from 2009 (in Portuguese)

Activities Report from 2010 (in Portuguese)

Activities Report from 2011 (in Portuguese)

Activities Report from 2012 (in Portuguese)

Activities Report from 2013 (in Portuguese)

Activities Report from 2014 (in Portuguese)

Activities Report from 2015 (in Portuguese)

Plan of Activities to 2010 (in Portuguese)

Plan of Activities to 2011 (in Portuguese)

Plan of Activities to 2012 (in Portuguese)

Plan of Activities to 2013 (in Portuguese)

Plan of Activities to 2014 (in Portuguese)

Plan of Activities to 2015 (in Portuguese)

Plan of Activities to 2016 (in Portuguese)

Legal Information

As a Non for Profit Association (NGO in Portugal), WWOOF Portugal is regulated by two main documents: The "Estatutos" and the "Regulamento Interno". You can find a copy of this documents (in Portuguese) clicking on the following icons.

Estatuto (in Portuguese)

Regulamento Interno (in Portuguese)