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The Team

Rodrigo Rocha is the coordinator of WWOOF Portugal, a WWOOF Host since 2004 and a long term enthusiast of the WWOOF concept!
He is responsible for all the managenment of the Organisation in Portugal as well as for the internal and external projects.

Charlotte Brouessard is the responsible for the communication with WWOOFers and Hosts and for some projects.
Marc Darcis is our IT and responsible for all the development and stability of our system. He enjoys good food for the mind and for his belly and is interrested in off-grid crafting.

William Mingozzi is a nomadic translator and proofreader, he spent a year WWOOFing in the Azores, and the experience  changed his life! He loves travel, meeting new people, and growing his own organic food.

Sara Cooper is a young translator and WWOOFer based in Belgium who spent seven months WWOOFing around continental and insular Portugal in 2009 and 2010.
She is responsible for translating the website into French.

Claudia Bergmann is a freelance editor and translator living in Berlin. She's been intensively travelling to Portugal in the past ten years. She is responsible for translating the website into German.

Daniel Rodrigues is a WWOOF Portugal contributor. His main interests range from green energy, sustainable living and organic farming to holistic nutrition.

Ricardo Lopes is an economist that "cultivate" the finances of WWOOF Portugal. He has interest in organic farming, folk dance and long walks.