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Advice for a farm?


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can anyone recommend a farm, where I could stay for several month?
Doesn't matter in which Country ;-)




where are you from and what sort of work do you want to do?

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I come from Germany and I would prefer a farm with animals :)

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I come from Germany and I would prefer a farm with animals :)


I think it would help in finding an appropriate host if you wrote a good presentation about yourself and your interests in your profile.



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Hello Kristofer,

Most hosts need help for 1 to 6 weeks, either during planting or harvest times.
But some do have extended projects such as building a Earth bag house, Adobe house, compact earth house or straw bale house or other building that require longer term effort and help. Also some hosts have communities, where WWOOFers can go and build their own accommodation on community land and stay for long periods of time (years). There are many types of WWOOF hosts and communities around the world. You will need to go thru a countries webpage and look thru the descriptions of the hosts and their offerings. Once you find the country with the "longer term host project"s then join and request your booking.
You should be aware that WWOOFing is a "two way" commitment, some hosts will NOT commit to longer term stays until they know you. This takes a week or two even. If things are good between you both, and they need the help and like you and you like the project then often you can ask to a longer term stay (do this early in your stay), but don't count on this, as you will need to be an exceptional worker and provide extra value to the host, for the time agreement to change as the host must accommodate, feed, provide projects, oversee your safety and agree to host you.

Hope this helps.