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chicks for eggs




hi...i'm looking for a couple of organic chicks to raise for eggs........i'm in the east algarve.......thanks for your help :)

Expired user

My understanding of the regulations is that you do not need an organic chick to raise to produce organic eggs. If you get ordinary off heat chicks by the time it comes into lay it will be regarded as organic, alternatively borrow an incubator and incubate eggs of the breed you want, these will be organic when they hatch if you incubate them on your organic farm / holding - its not difficult, if you have not done it before just follow the instructions! By the way I think a couple isn't really enough, I would go for 3 or 4 especially if you go for one of the older breeds, and even the modern breeds will only produce to their maximum if feed / kept intensively. Properly kept free range - production rates will be lower.

Sorry if this is teaching granny to suck eggs, but I don't know the knowledge base you are starting from



hi huno19 thank you for the info.......very kind of you........
still looking for chicks then! ;)