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A host/farm were a young Swedish artstudent would fit in?




I am a new, young WWOOFer from chilly Sweden and I cant wait to get out in the world, meet new people and explore Portugal. First of all I decided to travel on my own, leaving my friends behind to stand on my own legs. I want to get a fresh start, dare myself to do something all on my own to grow and meet new perspectives and learn. Ofcourse this comes with some insecurity, so I am looking for hosts with large number of WWOOFers in about the same age as me (18- 25) so that the chance of me fitting in will increse. I went to artschool, enjoy acting and experimental music, yoga and vegan cooking as well. Id love to work with animals and nature, creative work as well. Im not afraid to get my hands dirty, adventure and exploring is just what i love. If possibe id love to work by the sea. Id appreciate if anyone knows a farm/Quinta that would work out for me. Maybe you have been there before and can tell me all about it? It would be wonderful and very helping. Love// Elin