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Message d'avertissement

Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.

Host's answers


Expired user

We wwoofers, applying for our interest first by ofering our help to the farm hosts; so please hosts the least that you can do is answering us in order to arrange ourselves and our journeys or not.

Thank you :wink:

hi there just renewed our membership and i know this can be a common problem.however for some reason some enquiries are dumped into spam folders.so i recomend that hosts check the website too

Expired user

Hi all I'm new here aswell but sent a request to a host over a week ago now and still got no reply???

Expired user

This is interesting and all to common. Delays in answering requests.
There is a bit of a sell job needed on both sides of the first contact. So as a WWOOFer you need to tell the host "why" you have chosen their project and what you hope to learn or bring to help. The host needs to know you really want to visit their project, so try to communicate why you have chosen them.
Then the other reason is some hosts in developing countries only get to access internet once a week or so when they go to town or are at sowing or harvesting times of the year. In Thailand November is the harvest season, so expect some delay in replying.