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How can we school our un-vaccinated child in Portugal?




Hi fellow healthy friends.
we are totally against vaccines. we believe in building a baby's immune system naturally, not destroying it with vaccines and the toxic ingredients that are inside, and bypassing the natural immunity methods. The pharmaceutical companies have been lying to us all and they are only interested in making money, managing symptoms not actually healing anyone. It appears though that all schools in Portugal require vaccine certificates. Is there any way around this? Are there any schools that allow un-vaccinated children. We have considered home schooling, but we think that this maybe become problematic as the child gets older. Is there a home-school collective or group of un-vaccinated children in Portugal? We would be so grateful for any advice or suggestions, otherwise we may have to re think whether to continue living in this beautiful country.

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There is a "steiner" school between Portelas and Barao sao Joao and another one in Figueira near Budens that might be of interest to you.



thankyou so much for giving us this information. we cant tell you how much we appreciate. we will contact these school as soon as possible.
have a wonderful day! :)