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How to get insured?




Hi everybody!
This questions goes mostly to the german woofers cause of the specific laws
of the health insurance here!
Is the ov europe insurance enought for wwoofing?
Do the insurances in germany accept the ov europe so that you
can quit your insurance in germany?
and now in german?
reicht die ov europe Versicherung fuers woofen aus?
akzeptieren die gesetzlichen krankenkassen hier in
Deutschland die ov europe als Auslandskrankenversicherung,
so dass ich meine gesetzliche krankenkasse hier in Deutschland
kuendigen kann??
Und angenommen ich verletze mich beim woofen und muesste zurueck in
Deutschland nachbehandelt werden, muss mich die gesetzliche Kranken
kasse hier wieder aufnehmen und die Leistungen fuer die
weiterbehandlung uebernehmen?
Ich hoffe, jemand kann mir
diese speziellen Fragen beantworten
Liebe Gruesse Christian



Hi Christian,

Did you try to ask this questions to OV Europa?

Best wishes,



Hi Christian,

Did you try to ask this questions to OV Europa?

Best wishes,

Hi rodrigo,
was in contact with ov europa cause of other questions!
But was at my health insurance today! In Germany its law since 2007 for
everybody which comes into the country to have an insurance! To quit
your insurance here in germany you have to show your ticket or tell them
at least that you leave the country!! When you come back you have to prove
that you have been insured for the time you were abroad, otherwise you
have to pay also for the time you were abroad the insurance here in germany!
Very complicated, but good to know