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Insurance, Ov Europa


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Hi everyone,
I need an insurance for WWOOFing and I am not sure whether I can really trust in Ov Eruopa, because if I understood it right it would just cost 25 Euro for one year?!?! Has anyone made good or bad experiences with this insurance? I would be very thankful to know...
Thank you,



Hi Mitch,

This insurance was based on a very long negotiation between one WWOOF Organisation and one Insurance Company. OVEuropa is working on most of the paper work relating this insurance and this makes possible this special price.

I hope you understand that WWOOF can't take any responsibility on which insurance company you choose, but we never heard about problems with OV Europa.

Wish you a nice WWOOFing experience,


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Hej to everyone,
I also think about taking OVEuropa as insurance for my WWOOFing trip to sweden. However, the sum for medical epenses that is covered seems quite small to me. 2000€ can be gone fast in hospital, can't they? Does anyone know whether the swedish health care system is expensive?
Thanks in advance

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For all EU and EES citizens; they pay the same price as inhabitants of the country. All research point out that Swedish Medical Care is the best on this planet. Which is nice to know.


is price-list. Use google translater on the links.

Accidents insurance;


105 SEK/month.

But if the Swedish host is responsible they will have the insurance for helpers/wwoofers. It is cheap and it covers all helping people from all over the world if they do any kind of help/work at the host.

If the host does not have it you can offer you to pay some of it.

It is LRF through Länsförsäkringar which administrate it and the name is "Medhjälparförsäkring". This insurance does not cover long term employed people. Only for people which helps or are employed for short time. Price for one year is 375 SEK.



Hi i was just wondering what exactly does the insurance cover? does it cover this :bang:

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We have this insurance Medhjälparförsäkring but Länsförsäkringar says that it covers only fully for sweds, for people outside Swedish social security you also need your one insurance even toe you will have some protection with this one.

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I want to make an insurance with OVEuropa.
I was wondering if anyone ever made a claim with them (successful or not) and would care to share his experience. (how easy it was, where they reluctant to cover etc)
I'm not worried about the amount of money they insure but I wonder about the injuries/illnesses covered.
I already read on their site about what they cover but I wanted to know a first hand experience.