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length of stay


Expired user

Hello ! :o
can you please tell us how long the stay must be at least?
we are interested in travelling from form to farm but whole stay will only be 3 weeks.
is it possible to stay only a few day at one farm?

thank you for help!



Hi Madita,

:o Only three weeks! I recommend that you stay only in one farm or maximum two! :o
The minimum length of stay depends on each farm, but typically is between 2 weeks and 2 months.

Wish you a nice WWOOFing,




If you are wwoofing for only 3 weeks I'd agree with Rodrigo and say choose one farm and stay there. The shortest time I have stayed at a farm for was 2 weeks and the time went so fast that by the time I had settled in, knew the routine and the people, it was time to go. Less than 2 weeks and you would be leaving before you knew it and wouldn't get much out of the experience.



I second what Mark and Rodrigo have already said. As hosts, we ask guests to stay for a minimum of two weeks but ideally for longer as it takes at least at a few days to get new people settled in.

You´ll find you´ll gain more from the experience if you spend longer with one host, as you´ll get a better idea of how your work is fitting into the bigger picture. Take into consideration too the fact that it will take up valuable time to travel between farms. Public transport can be sketchy in the countryside.