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Looking for a host for 2-3 months




Hi, I'm a 21 year old English male. Looking for a host for a long term stay from early November to January/February. I speak little Portuguese, but I want to learn Brazilian portuguese, anyone familiar with a farm that can help me work on this language will be of great help.

Also,I've read about the differences between EU and BRA PT, and it appeared that the two are too dissimilar to pick the other up in the opposite country, so to speak. Is this really the case?

In regards to the farm, I'm not so concerned with location or tasks involved as such, just the language issue.





We are interested and already sent a private message.

Hop e hearing from you soon.

Tânia Araujo

have you already found a place to stay?

If not, see our profile and let us know if you like it.

Thank you

Eugenia Marinho
Quinta do Monte