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Manage references


Expired user

I got a question from a wwoofer who asked how she could write a reference. She could not find out how. So I checked on the wwoof-se-site and found that on my profile that I (!) had to write and ask her for a reference for me as a host.

And I have no idea how I shall write a reference for a wwoofer!

This building of a system of references is strange I think.

The "helpex-net" has a good system I think.

It is possible to write directly references about both wwoofers and helpers.

They recive message that they got a reference when somebody has written such one.

It seems (from my experience from helpex, that helpers/wwoofers has bigger need of reference that hosts).

If I found a "helper" very good I write a reference directly. If the person not has been what one expect I do not write anything. I do not want to give negative references on the Internet. Sometimes helpers write reference for their visit here.

As a hosy, I think one can categorize helpers/wwoofers in three categories. Good ones and two "bad" ones. The "bad" ones can be of two kinds. Nice people but they are like handicaped with working and have so little experience of everything that it cost more of time and learning than one get back. It has happened that I have introduced them for two hours and got one hour back and so on most of the time. But they anyway can be a very nice person and do their best, so I would not write a negative refrence for these people. The second persons of the "bad" group is the persons who use their visit as a cheap holiday. They do a very bad job, cheat you,and use you. Nearly every year we have had one of these persons.

For them I would like to write a negative reference. But I do not do.

I think it is always correct that if someone writes a negative reference about a helper/wwoofer or a host it must be possible to give an answer. Maybe the people do not get along good of personal reasons. Or someone was sick. From the helpex-referene one can read that this helper was extremely lazy, mostly sleeping all the time. And then she/he got a refrence from another host which tells opposite.

I would like to have a possibility, on my profile, but maybe best on the wwofers profile (or some other place) there I can write that I am willing to give reference/information about this wwoofer if a host ask me.

Some years ago a wwoof-host asked me about a wwoofer. The host have had very bad experience of a wwoofer who had been there. She got a request from a new wwoofer, but she was not sure that she would take him. (Because profiles does not say so much and even mail-conecction does not either). She said what she wanted help with and asked if I thought this young boy got help her with that. I gave my experience of his work here and said I was pretty sure that he good the things she needed help with. So she said yes to this wwoofer.

Later a got a mail from the wwoofer nad he was very, very thankful that I gave him this refrences and that he got the possibility to come to this specific host.

Conclusions. I think you need to develop the site. And above was my experiences.

Very best to all of you


I would like that for wwoofers/helpers

Expired user

Hi Anders,

We are working to improving the reference system. Thank's for sharing your experience.