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New Host looking for fair practice guidelines from Volunteers


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I have just set up my host account, and now I am trying to come up with some fair compensation prior to receiving requests.

I feel it would be best to have a 'set menu' up front, so there is no confusion or discord down the road.

My farm is far from finished, hence why i need help. As such we are not producing a large surplus of food, but a seasonal surplus for certain.

My idea is to ask for 4 hours for 4 days in exchange for a 'hot shared lunch' on working days plus an outdoor kitchen stocked with rice, beans, farm eggs and local milk and of course the surplus of seasonal herbs, fruits and veggies from the gardens.

Volunteers will have their choice of camping spots, which i will video and email prior to accepting a request. As we live on the border of a BioReserve, there is abundant nature and excellent views.

Suggestions please, as i really want this to work out well for everybody involved.

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do hosts provide 3 meals daily and meals on 'vacation days'?

snacks and alcohol?

i need to hear back from you guys to know what is 'normal'.

thank you.



I don't think there is a 'normal' as all hosts are different!

We supply meals cooked as we haven't got good cooking facilities for volunteers. Volunteers eat the same as we do, and it depends what is coming out of the garden then. I know other hosts who have a communal kitchen and just supply ingredients. And still others who give volunteers access to whatever they would like to help themselves to from the family kitchen. It depends what suits your circumstances! I think all are OK so long as you are clear to prospective volunteers what they can expect.

We do not supply in between meals snacks, although our kids do have a 'tuck shop' if volunteers don't want to walk to the village. Sometimes we'll serve wine with a meal, sometimes not. Alcohol is certainly not something I think it is necessary to supply.

Hope that helps!



Dear 3FP,

As mentioned by "Casalinho", every host is different and some offer better conditions than others. Keep in mind that Portugal is a very small country and word is easily spread so if you happen to fall on the "poor deal" end of the spectrum you will not get many people willing to stay for a longer term and, over time, will not get many visits from experienced woofers. The conditions and workload offered in different farms are a favourite topic among wwoofers, so if some farm offers a bad deal its reputation rapidly sinks.

In my wwoof experience at least 3 meals a day are offered (can be cooked by the host or the volunteers themselves) and in most cases snacks are available as well.

Most places do not offer alcohol except those that produce their own wine.

Meals are provided every day, even on free days.

However, some people may prefer to work only 4 hours a day, 4 days a week and provide for themselves on their free days. As long as you make this clear in your page presentation you are not being dishonest.

Personally, I would not find that an attractive deal. Think about what you propose:
Accomodation: camping
Meals: 1 hot lunch provided and the possibility of cooking for dinner on working days. No breakfast, no snacks and no food on free days

in exchange for

4 hours a day, 4 days a week

What most places provide:

Accomodation: room or caravan
Meals: 3 meals a day + snacks and food on free days

in exchange for

6 hours a day, 6 days a week (some more, some less)

So, in order to make your offer more attractive I'd either offer more meals or have a really good educational component, which most places do not provide

I hope this is helpful

Good luck

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thank you guys for the responses.
these are great reference points to give me ideas.
i should have been more clear that the hot lunch was not meant to be the only meal daily, but rather the only guaranteed hot food.
snacks, breakfast and such may or may-not be hot and freshly prepared, but rather sandwiches or left over quiche or such.
i am really excited at the coming year of gardening, building and expansion!